About me

It's April 22nd 2016. I'm 56. Life has changed. I've sadly and reluctantly left my home of 26 years - the place I looked through my kitchen window for all that time; creating recipes, taking photos, mowing the lawn, cooking dinners, baking, preserving, sewing, dancing, living, raising my babies who are now grown up and gone. I'm afraid this blog is now closed. I can't write posts for Through My Kitchen Window when I'm no longer physically there. When I think of looking Through My Kitchen Window there are certain images that will forever remain in my heart.

  •  Rosie our dog waiting at the gate for the kids to come home from school - she knew the time the bus came home and was always there to greet them.  
  • Nicka's guinea pigs (at one stage 22 in number) running around on the lawn, chasing each other, playing, fighting, sleeping in the big cage but mostly eating. They could eat non stop. The sound of a plastic bag rustling excited the critters like crazy and they'd eeeh eeeh eeeh for their lettuce leaves and carrots. They were so entertaining that walkers would stop and watch them. They were special. 
  • The chickens.  The sound of the screen door opening and they'd tear around the corner so quickly waiting for bread or scraps. Nothing compared to their beautiful orange yolks.  Best ever eggs.
  • The water trough was alive.  Goldfish surfacing from time to time, frogs swimming, kookaburras sitting on the rim waiting to snap up moving creatures.  The odd snake slithering over the wire cover.  Purple flowers, greenery, out of control jasmine vine, aloe vera. 
  • The lilly pilly tree.  I loved you so much. I made jam and jelly with your fruit. I'll miss you.
  • Josie the wallaroo.  
  • Elfy the calf. 
  • Tony the horse. 
  • Philomena and Romano.
  • Gayle. 
Good bye Through My Kitchen Window - it's been grand.  I never thought I'd leave you - I thought you were my forever; but there is no forever, no guarantees in this life. The only thing that's guaranteed is change.  I haven't yet found my new Kitchen Window; some day hopefully; some day soon; some day...........................

September 2020
I found my new kitchen window. 
Well, technically I didn't find it. 
I designed my new home and my new kitchen windows - yes! 
Two big beautiful wide country windows. They're breathtaking. 
Not sure yet where this adventure is taking me, but, I've never been happier and I can't believe I've finally escaped to the country. 
I'm filled with gratitude, inner peace and there is growth and lessons to be learned every day. 
Life is good, heck life is great. 
I hope you're going well xxx