April 12, 2009

A Muddy Easter

With my girls away for easter, it left just Hubby, my son Mitch, Rosie(woof woof) and me to celebrate at the farm. Yes, we have a farm. However with the wet, wet conditions in our part of the world recently it was pretty much a low key affair spent down on the river flat. I was hoping to set up in the hills where we have the most amazing view across the valley however our four wheel drive kept getting bogged in paddock number one, so we had to turn back.

In the shed my son put two level steel stands together, threw a thin wooden plank over them, covered that with a grey tarp and hey presto there was our table. I did have to ask him to turn over the plank so that the cow manure stuck on there was underneath not on top. Jeepers.

As you can guess we didn't bring out the royal doulton on this occasion.
For our spread I made honey soy chicken wings, marinated pork spare ribs, coleslaw and potato salad. Very basic, but very tasty. The view was still beautiful and the food always tastes better in the open air. After lunch Hubby and Mitch took off on the quad to carry out some work. It wasn't anything too demanding thank goodness, after all it was easter. They are country fellas and there is always something to do no matter what day it is.

With the ground being so sloshy I decided to pack up and take a little walk before I headed off across the neighbours paddock and up to where our car was parked near the road. Mitch came to get me with the landcruiser when I arrived because there was no way I would make it in the car. Here are a few photos of my walkabout down on the farm. Someday I will post photos from the top of our property, but not today. It is amazing and we feel truly blessed to have such a spot. In the meantime........

This is our river and as you can see we have no crossing. This will be our access one day, hopefully this year. It's one of Hubby's projects and I think it is becoming a priority so definitely this year. Cross fingers.

The excavator has been invaluable in clearing the place, knocking out unwanted trees and carving tracks. However judging by this growing greenery, I suspect it hasn't been used for a while.

Did I mention it was muddy?

A view from the shed to the top of our place.

Looks like there is lots of fencing still to be done.

I almost walked straight into this spider and his web.

Tank and silo.

As I was clearing away the table I couldn't help but notice my sillouette on the ground. My what long legs I have.

Temporarily our access is through the neighbours place. This is the path I need to take to get back onto the road.

Hope you all had a peaceful and happy easter.


  1. Your Easter meal has made me hungry and I so enjoyed your pictures of it and your farm. Easter blessings...Mary

  2. Yes I have to admit food certainly does taste better when it is eaten in the open even without the royal doulton!!

    We have 2 couples coming for lunch tomorrow and staying tomorrow night so I will have to get to it and do something fantastic like you!

    The people coming we will be staying with in America aparently as they just invited us when we have the 3 day stay in San Francisco after our yacht experience so very lucky as the itinerary keeps getting more interesting daily.

    Love the photos of the farm. (made me remember the day we climbed the hill...dodging or the pads of manure!

  3. Life does not sound dull in your neck of the woods Gayle. Exciting days ahead for you and Mike!

    How could I forget about that day! It was an impulsive decision on the spur of the moment which saw us both tackling the hill in our high heels. My shoes never recovered from the experience.

  4. Oh-my-god.
    I am soooo jealous, mama.
    That food looks bloody delightful.

    I love that silhouette picture too. It's definitely a you kind of picture. :) Looks like you too. :P

  5. Thanks sweetie. Hope you and Noo Noo had a nice day. I will have to post my honey soy chicken wings recipe just for you. How does that sound?

  6. Your picnic looks delightful and what a joy it must be to live in such a beautiful place.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Easter! Where is your farm? What are you guys planning to grow/raise there?

  8. Yes Debora it is. Having this a place is such a blessing and we never take it for granted. It has given us a whole new life purpose and we are slowly working toward eventually living out there.

    Our farm is in southern queensland, where the climate is sub tropical. We have about fifty cows and for the time being the aim is to clean up the place as it was very neglected when we bought it. There is a road to build, a bridge to build and eventually a house to build. As for the opportunities; well too many too mention, but we have considered running a cheese farm (your dream I know Apples and Butter).