April 5, 2009


Outside my kitchen window we have a pond that contains goldfish and some beautiful greenery like lilly pads and flowers, water cabbages, all sorts falling from the palms overhead and jasmine. There is a wire meshing over the top of the pond to protect the fish because we lost many at one stage from the kookaburras and ibis having a field day picking them out. I saw a bird scoop one out of the water before my very eyes. Then we discovered our fish population had severely reduced to about 6. They have certainly recovered and are now thriving again.

I couldn't help but admire the lillies that had opened up and before I knew it I was snapping away. The rain gave me just enough time to take a picture before it started to fall again. I never fail to appreciate the beauty of nature and I feel blessed every day when I look through my kitchen window. Nature can be so calming and I only wish everyone had more nature in their lives. It can be so nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating. It almost sounds like I'm promoting an anti-ageing cream.

As I continued to wander I come upon my mop bucket. You probably think why would I mention my mop bucket of all things as I'm being all soppy about the nature thing.
Well as I began to admire the lovely jasmine beginning to weave it's way onto the bucket and little flowers stuck rather firmly to the side of the bucket it occurred to me that my bucket had not been used for a very long time. About three months to be precise. Maybe a little more. So to my dismay I realised I haven't mopped my floor for a very, very long time. There comes a time when the old spot cleaning just doesn't cut it anymore. And I think I am well and truly passed that point.

So with that confession, I will have to prise the bucket from the earth as it seems to have become rather connected to it's environment. Having said that, there is no point doing it yet. After all it's raining. So the next day the sun comes out you guessed it, I will be mopping my floor. Promise. Gee a cup of tea and some avocado dip sounds nice right now.


  1. I think your mop buckets looks right at home in the garden. What's a little dirt on the floor? ;) Just found your blog and love it. Envy your kiwi and avocado trees! I'll be back :)

  2. Why thank you so much Karen. A small confession. It's still right at home in the garden! However it's also bothering me so I think it's days are numbered.

    Yes I feel privileged to have such wonderful fruit trees, but the kiwi vine is a real gem.