March 24, 2010


This post has been specially written for my friend Dee and for her lovely future daughter-in-law. To my regular blogging pals, please feel free to read if you want to however this is a one-off departure to my normal posting.

Hi Dee and hi Alysia. Sorry "A" for most likely misspelling your name. There are so many variations to Alysia so be sure to correct me, won't you.

I had a real throw together Dee, and experimented on these cupcakes today. Baking the cupcakes are easy. I used paper cups that I already had but you can choose heaps of varieties, plain if you like or different colours are available. I use 1 whole egg and 1 egg white instead of two whole eggs. This makes the cake somewhat 'whiter' in colour.

I made a basic vanilla buttercream (recipe as made by professionals) and it turned out very well. You can have your cupcakes, mounded up high with different kinds of swirls and patterns. Or you can have them flat. I simply decorated with some chocolate buttons already in the cupboard just to give you an example. There are stacks of ideas and options. You just need to be creative and know what you want.

I am not prepared to make anything with fondant, (that is the smooth, rolled out white icing). I told you I am not a cake decorator but I am happy to make anything basic if you are happy with something simple and unfussy. These few examples are just what I did on the spur of the moment. You can have any colour you like.
I noticed heaps of cake motifs, sprinkles, coloured sugars and stacks more in the cupcake store in Southport yesterday. I sprinkled these cupcakes with 'crystal gold', its like a glitter dusting and adds a nice sheen to the cupcake.

Anyhow have a little perusal and if you don't like any of them thats just fine dear. I would have dropped them up to your place but didnt know what time you come home these days and I really didnt want to go back out again. Besides, the important thing is that Alysia sees them so this idea of the computer was a good one I suppose. I have just come from the bakery. I get a sack of free bread for our poor old horse. He has hardly any teeth left so he needs some soft bread to get by these days. We are having a crazy time with animals lately. Poor tony the horse is over thirty years old and can hardly eat. Poor Rosie is over sixteen and cannot hear. She never barks anymore so you are safe to come in these days. She bit Kim once you know. Drew blood and all. Our kangaroo is cranky and thumping around the place because we are rearing a three week old calf who want to make friends with her but the roo doesnt want a bar of the calf. And to top it off the calf comes up and starts sucking on my leg because she thinks Im mummy. Why on earth am I telling you all this. Look at the bloody cakes and let me know if you are interested. Seriously. Its okay if you dont want anything so please dont say yes if this is not what Alysia is after. Talk soon. Love Mariana.

The little speckles you may see in the buttercream are little seeds from a vanilla pod. It adds a 'real' vanilla taste. It got the thumbs up from Nicole.

Remember these are just examples. Personally I think it would be best if you had just a one or two coloured theme. Maybe with a heart or two on top.


  1. Oh so pretty Mariana, what lucky ladies your friends are. I agree with you about fondant. It ruins the nicest cakes I think. I know decorators like it because it's so versatile and you can do almost anything with it, but all it tastes like is a thick layer of sugar to me, obliterating the subtler flavours of the cake beneath. Buttercream is so much better.

  2. Oh, these look exquisite! And what a wonderful idea to put the vanilla seeds in with the frosting. I just might have to make some cupcakes over spring break. I also loved your last entry, about your travels! It reminded me of a wonderful trip I took with my mother to Spain... ahh... Have a lovely evening!

  3. Those look absolutely delicious. I wish I could make sponge, but every time I try it resembles rock cake more than sponge.

    You have the wittiest and most original profile I have ever seen on a blog, lol.

    Very best wishes,
    Primrose in Edinburgh.

  4. Thanks Debora - it's funny for me to hear you say that cake decorators like it because it is so versatile. I personally choose to run a million miles from fondant because it scares me. I can control buttercream - what can I say - I'm a control freak. Love Mariana

    Tumbleweed Woman - Oh vanilla seeds in anything I say. Just a tad pricey unfortunately. Im thrilled to hear you liked my last entry. That's the thing about trips - they can brighten up our day if we revisit them.

    Welcome Primrose Beresford - These cakes are actually butter cupcakes however I understand your dilemma with sponges. Doesn't everyone have a sponge disaster story. You are not alone, let me assure you. I think I better go read that profile of mine again - I've forgotten what I wrote. I'm scared now. hehe.

  5. I have to say, I enjoyed this post even though it was a departure. There are some very good basic cake decorating ideas there. Like you, I'm not a cake decorator, but I do have some of the gear (like the star tips). Nice work on the cupcakes.

  6. Actually Baking Monster they were!

    Thanks Bria- it makes me feel that perhaps I should post the recipe! This post was really for a friend interested in me making her engagement cake and she wanted to get some cupcake ideas.

  7. So beautiful when I saw them I sighed. Very girly I think and so well done too. I like the pink on the very far right didn't photograph it on it's own.

  8. Trust you to pick the one that the photo did no justice to. The shots were poor so thats why it missed out. Yes. The girls thought they were very girly too. I thought I had better make the purple colour on the dark side rather than lilac. Better for an engagement cake I think. Thanks darl. Love Mariana.