January 11, 2011


Our newly built bridge - the normal river level - one year ago

I'm standing on the side of our bridge. Two days ago.
The water's dropped.  It reached almost to the top
of the concrete.  Unbelievable.

The gates have been shut so that the cows cannot get to the river.  If they tried to cross they may well get washed away if the river rises again.  Best not to risk it.

Hello Elfy. This was my potty calf that we raised at our home in the suburbs.
She is so happy on the farm.  Maybe not in the cattle yards. But certainly
with her own kind roaming the hills. The other heifers love her too.
 Stay safe Elfy.

A water cabbage sits at the edge of our pool. This the high side.  When too full, the water overflows on the other side.

We don't swim in our pool. It was converted long ago into a goldfish haven.
 No more chlorine. No more chemicals.  No more expensive power bills. No
more worry about pumping out the water. Nature can take it's course.

 PS:  I just got off the phone from Hubby.  As of this morning, the water over the bridge has risen dramatically.  And rising.  Oh dear.

Five Hours Later:  I raced to the farm with Hubby this afternoon.  He opened the gates for the cattle to get down to the flats.  And the big shed.  This way they have some permanent shelter.  I just hope they don't go near the water.  A couple of the calves have bad scaling over their poor little bodies due to the big wet.  They need sun. Desperately.   Another week of rain has been predicted.   Latest pics of the river.

Our four wheel drive could go no further

I'm not attempting to walk this one

The trees are coping the wrath of the river


  1. Oh my goodness I have been trying all morning to see what was happening at the coast ..........now I know what is happening at the farm anyway!!! So many people effected by this flood a true distaster that is for sure. The photos you got are amazing ..this blog is so good and you do it so very well!!

  2. I didn't know you had stopped using your pool as a pool.......such a great idea what you have done and as you say they just gobble up the money anyway. Very clever.

  3. Stormy - Well no names need to be mentioned, but you can guess whose idea that was. I was a little sad at first, but to be honest I don't miss the pool at all. For swimming that is. We have a long net right over the top, to keep out birds and ducks and other creatures. Cannot keep out the cane toads unfortunately.

    Would you believe the power bill reduced by one third. Perhaps even a little more. Such an energy guzzler. We have some fish dying this week. Mitch is worried. He measured the PH balance and the ammonia levels. His research has indicated he needs to add salt of all things into the pool. some of the fish are changing colour. All the rain of late and there is little oxygen and a lot of gunk down below getting stirred up. Even the fish require lots of attention; it's neverending no matter what you do.

  4. Oh dear Mariana.... i hope everything subsides soon. its terrible these floods. Its raining everyday here too and certain parts of teh country are flooded as well.....but what great photos! i hope your cows are safe and sound though.

  5. Really Zurin - floods in Malaysia. I hadn't heard. I guess we are all too caught up in our own current affairs although I have heard about the awful mud slides in Brazil. Sounds horrendous.

    We haven't had the rain that they predicted we would, so that has been a blessing. Our river subsides fairly quickly, although the farm is still a quagmire in many places. The cows are all safe and well and upon checking them this afternoon, they had all crossed the bridge to get to the little block. Just as well, because there is a mountain of feed. Hope all is well with you. Mariana xxx

  6. SO glad to hear the calves are getting some sun, that the water's receeding (sp?) quickly, and that you guys are ok.

    It was awful...and freaky, too. XX

  7. Yes I see what you mean, There was certainly a lot of water around. Water is a very powerful force... We are lucky enough to live on a steady slope at the top end of the hill, so apart from the trees that just couldn't handle the wet soil, and our chook coop which turned into a pond of slush, we faired very well. Thanks for sharing these photos and thank you for stopping by my Blog, it is lovely to meet you. I'm heading back into the kitchen now, I'm making Lemonade today... Karen GBJ :)