February 6, 2011

Moist Chocolate Cake and A Happy 50th Dear!

My family's favourite chocolate cake

As per request: no party.   No fuss.  Philomena and Romano early for coffee. A day with family.  A handful of gifts.  The hand-made desk calendar complete with photos of you and your life and the personalised beautiful card hand-made with love from your children. 

A scorching February, summer day.  A glorious swim in the river.  Laughing all the way till we reached the swirling rocky holes.  Lying there.  All of us.  The gushing water washing over our bodies.   So invigorating, so fresh, so wonderful. 

A bumpy ride up the hill. Your adult kids scrambling all over the trailer.  So much laughter.  So connecting.

A bush barbeque.  Night descends.  Mossies and bugs attracted to the light.  And to our plates.  Squealing daughters.  Fire out.

Return home.  No power.  A single bat created a shortage.  Workmen and trucks line our street. Working to restore. I wake up on the sofa.  It's one in the morning.  Lights on. Fans on.

We hope you enjoyed your fiftieth dear. 

As for me, I look forward to sharing your "big" present with you.  Many trips and adventures ahead. Can't wait.
From your loving wife.

Recipe for our family's favourite chocolate cake


  1. Sounds like a wonderful 50th for Peter ...how nice too that this is what he appreciates.

    Yes I am sure you have lots of adventures coming up. Go for it I think...

  2. We had a marvellous day. Much less stressful than my 50th I must confess. Wait till you see the new "beast". On two wheels. Can't wait to tell you of some of our plans. Love Mariana