March 14, 2011

She's Apples Mate

Freshly picked apples from a tree by the roadside in country NSW Armidale

Freshly picked crab apples from my mother-in-law's country garden

Preparation for Crab Apple Jelly

My beautiful newly married niece with the man of her dreams

The week-end was glorious.  Great weather, great company and lots of happy faces. 

Home again.  Heaps of fresh fruit.  The kitchen awaits. 

Through My Kitchen Window turns two today.  It's been an up and down kind of year.  And that's okay.  As an Aussie might say, "she's apples" or "no worries mate".


  1. Happy Blogaversary, Mariana! And look at all those wonderful apples - it's been a hard season for apples, so it's lovely to see abundant pickings! I'm always astonished how much crapabbles vary in appearance - the ones we were given were tiny and red the whole way through, like cherries.

    Lovely wedding photos, and great to see the gorgeous pic of your and your kids too!

  2. Happy anniversary! Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? Those apples look wonderful - I bet they smell divine too ;)

  3. Congratulations!

    Beautiful apples! Lovely to see your family photos too! Here we are in plum blossom season, the apples have yet to break leaf.

  4. Yes, the apples do look wonderful Celia. I made some of your pectin stock from them. The stock is slightly pink in colour. I'm very pleased. Ooh, thanks for the lovely compliment.

    I know Chelsea - time does pass quickly. To think I began this blog to stay in touch with my daughter when she moved to Melbourne for 18 months. Seems like she's been home for ages now. Where did the time go?

    Thanks Joanna. I imagine you'd have beautiful apples in your part of the world too. Plum blossom - sounds so picturesque.

  5. Happy annivesary Mariana! How time flies. Your blouse is very pretty :) and a beautiful couple. May they have a long and happy marriage.

  6. Oh you. You're such a sweetie Zurin. I must say I was happy with my top. Especially in the fact that it didn't crease and didn't need ironing. Yes. Two blogging years. I hope my enthusiasm keeps up. But hey, if I need a reprieve, then thats okay too. After all, seems to me I keep saying that to you. Hehe. Mariana xxx

    PS: The bride looked so happy and so very pretty too. I have a good feeling about their marriage. Thanks.

  7. Which niece was married? Boy you have been busy on here.........just can't keep up with you and I am sure I checked in not that long ago too!!

  8. Hi stranger! Hehe. Can't believe I hadn't told you. It was Larissa's cousin - Tara. She is exactly 3 weeks younger than Issy. The first of all the grandchildren to wed. So a big deal for my in-laws. Although, they really didn't seem to have much say in things. Hmmm. Interesting.