March 30, 2011

What A Week

Leftover Christmas Cake to the Rescue

It's been one of "those" weeks. 
First I jab my eye whilst gardening. 
See the doctor.   Eye Drops.  Painful. 
Then the courtcase.  Stressful.
Another day.  Unresolved.  Delayed till June. 
 A business trip ahead for Hubby. 
The day before he leaves he can't help himself.  Things to do. 
Working with machinery, he virtually pulls out his fingernail. 
Off to the hospital.  He winces.  Oh God.  Now that's painful! 
Does he lie down and relax for the remainder of the afternoon?  Nope. 
Off to the farm.   The heifer's need tick treatment. 
I race to get his antibiotics. 
 Next day he's gone. 
 I get an email. He's safe.  He arrived. 
 No mention of the finger - I did ask. 
 Another email.  Lovely shots of the wildlife in a lowlands reserve. 
Damn. Why didn't I go.  Hang on.  This was supposed to be a business trip!  
I guess it is Sunday. 
I go and check the cows.  No water in two of the troughs.  What now?  Help. 
Next day, clean up house. Cook a nice meal. 
The new boyfriend comes to meet us.  From Melbourne.  Must make an effort.
Today the eye is sore again.  I check.  B....... hell!   An ulcer.  A corneal ulcer. 
 I use old medication.  Too tired and couldn't be bothered going to the doctor again. 
Feeling a little emotional and sore and sorry. 
 Glad to be alone.
Glad to use my little blog as a sounding board.  

What does one eat during testing times? 
Thank goodness for puff pastry. 
Thank goodness for homemade frozen food.

Nothing pretty about cabbage rolls. 
They freeze well, taste good and are extremely healthy. 


  1. Awwww...i'm sorry for all that had happened. I hope your eye is better Mariana. It must be painful. And i hope hubby's finger is feeling better too. You have a lot to do and frozen food is a life saver. You must be so happy you made them. I on the other hand never get around to doing that. Perhaps I should. those cabbage rolls look good to me. I LOVE cabbage.

    get better soon dear Mariana.


  2. Yikes! What a week, indeed. Rest up.

  3. Oh dear, I hope you are better now. Sorry I haven't been over before. Get well soon!

  4. To be honest Joanna, my eye is still playing up, not so sore anymore, but my vision in the right eye is affected. I don't know if I need more time to let it recover or I've done something permanently. A bit of a worry actually. Thanks Dear for your kind words.