April 4, 2011

Do You Feel Lucky Kids?

Not a spectacular photo by any means.   Why did I post it?  It's a picture of the schoolkids in their lunchbreak.  The place is Tomasevo, six kilometres from Potrk in Montenegro.  It sits smack bang in the centre of the town.  There were two teachers.  The other side of the court (not in photo), had this many kids again, but I can't give you an exact number.  We were told they were not allowed in the school building during their lunchbreak; everyone including the teachers had to remain outside until the bell went.  I recall seeing one ball and lots of kids chasing either the ball or each other.  We took a peek inside the school building and there was very little in the way of computers or electrical equipment.   Infact, we saw none.

What I remember most was "hearing" the kids.  They sounded happy and free. They were vocal and buzzing and yelling and simply puffing themselves out making the most of their time before going back indoors.  Mitch thought it was fantastic.  He made a few interesting comments.  He wondered if the kids thought they had it rough being in a school with hardly any equipment.  He also wondered if the kids knew how blessed and lucky they were to be surrounded by beautiful green countryside and breathing in the pine forest fresh air.  I suspect not.  To them, it's what it is and they probably don't even see it. 

My most interesting observation - I didn't see any fat children.  Not one.


  1. When I first saw the photo I thought."Oh my how lucky to be surrounded by all that gorgeous greenery!".

    Obviously Mitch felt the same. Yet it is true what you say Mariana. I dont think they feel that way at all. Because they probably dont see it the way we do. But they are lucky children. Healthy obviously and free in their own way.

    Funny but we had and have the same rules in schools here. No one is allowed in the classrooms during breaks. I have no idea why.

    I LOVE your photos. They tell so much of the places, people and the time you had there. LUcky you! :))

    I saw Philomena's apple cake. Im going to peek again ;)

  2. Glad you agree - design elements

    As usual, we are on the same wavelength Zurin. Are you sure you don't have a twin out there in the blogosphere? Hehe. I guess that's the beauty; as the saying goes - "a picture tells a thousand stories". Glad you are liking the photos dear. Mariana xxxx

  3. Haha, trust you to analyse the childrens physiques. And I quite liked the photo! Nik.