October 4, 2011

Unveiling Venice

We savoured every moment during our glorious gondola ride.

One night and two days in Venice.  I left my girls behind, our faces stinging with tears as our time together in Europe ended.  I waved till my arm dropped off until the girls and the platform disappeared.  I actually spent the whole time on the 2 1/2 hour trip to Milano thinking about our time in Venice.  It surprised me.  Venice. Wow. I had some very unspectacular reviews on the place and it completely took me by surprise.  I guess everyone has a different experience, but I loved it.  I really didn't expect to love it.  Far from it.  Which is why I didn't allow myself much time in the first place - I knew I wouldn't be there for long as I had preconceived notions.  I would simply go so that I could see for myself how unspectacular it really is.  So I thought.  I was wrong.  At least for me.  I was wrong.

Yes Venice was spectacular.  The crowds however were horrendous.  And that's my only qualm. But. Then again. The place was loaded with atmosphere.  People from all walks of life, from all around the world, all walking together or into each other.

I found myself more tolerant in Venice.  I hate crowds.  But here it suited the place.   Pushy waiters, in-your-face street sellers, tacky tourists, uptown girls, gawking guys, wheeling suitcases and feeling I would be knocked over any minute.  I handled it rather well.  I liked it.

 I loved walking behind my two gorgeous girls and watching the admiring glances of young menfolk, old too, and the envious casting looks of some women.  Hmmm.   I rather enjoyed it all!  I felt quite tickled with the attention the girls were getting.  I even had one man ask me were they sisters and was I the Mama.  He shook my hand, said 'bella' pointing to the girls and said 'you dunna good job'.   I laughed my head off.  That was simply one little episode.  There were heaps just like it.  And we kept a sense of humour about it all and we embraced the ways of the Italians.  It's who they are.  Brash, arrogant, in your face, helpful and unhelpful, honest, eager and real. No facade. No pretending. It is what it is.  They seemed to communicate with their physicality and their actions, which didn't always speak louder than words.  They speak pretty loudly.  And I loved it.

I wish I had more time in Venice.  My fault.  It goes to show.  It doesn't pay to have preconceived notions.  Or to think someone's view will be your view.  I guess you really need to go and see for yourself, but for me at least it was marvellous.  The chaos, hot-blooded men, the canals, the rustic walls, pizza and pasta, venetian masks, gondolas, the whole damn lot.  I found myself feeling warm and open in Venice. So did the girls.  We embraced it for all that it is and we felt the Venetian response.  I absolutely loved it.

Fun in Venice


  1. Hi Marianna!

    YAy..so glad to 'see' you after such a long time. Venice looks beautiful and i can imagine your girls too :)) is that them in the last little picture at the bottom of the post? Glad you enjoyed yourself and a pity it was such a short stay in Venice....but you cn always go back you know. cant wait for the next instalment of your trip ;)



  2. Hello there my dear Zurin. How touching to come here and find someone excited to see me back. As you can see, I don't have many visitors anymore. I'm afraid I don't really have the inclination to network, maintain friends or make new ones. And so it seems, you are my only friend in cyberspace these days. It doesn't bother me in the slightest as my blog has become a bit of a diary to me lately. The food is and will still be there, but things change - as you will read about in my post "A Whole New World". So thank you dear for dropping by, and I hope that I have some more travel instalments ahead. The girls were most grateful for our journey to my father's homeland and it was an amazing revelation for them; so I hope to write some stories regarding that part of the trip. By the way, Venice really was stunning.

    Hugs right back at you


  3. By the way Zurin - yes that is the girls in the pic! They were so inundated with hot blooded fellows it was ridiculous....but all in good fun!

  4. Haha. This made me laugh. Oh those italians!

  5. I can see that you loved Venice too. Love the photos.