November 13, 2011

Basil Fawlties in the Country

Looking "Through My Car Window" at our new place.

My son was in two minds about taking precious study time off to see our new property.  The curiosity got the better of him. He drove off with Hubby at a ridiculously early hour with the intention of returning home at a ridiculously late hour.  On the same day.   Otherwise he simply couldn't go.  His final exam is this week.

The plan was simple enough.  The excavator from our farm reached the new place last Friday.  The new house is to be transported in two sections by two semi's on Tuesday.   The beams ordered from America were out there and waiting to be arranged.

So.  Their intentions were simple.   The remains of an old cottage exist by the river.  Go through the wreck and salvage anything that looks 'interesting.'  Using the excavator, knock it all down.  Clear everything so that the area is ready for next Tuesday.  Sounds a lot?  Sure, but if you have any idea of what an excavator can do, it's boys playing with toys really; these things can move mountains in a very short amount of time.

As I understand, everything was going well and the two of them had accumulated a big pile of rubbish in all the demolition.  Hubby, who is usually very mindful and sensible, decided they would light the rubbish and burn it off.  In hindsight, not a good idea.  Apparently there was an old fuel container nearby.  Yep. It blew up and set the whole thing raging; the fire spread and the two of them lost control.

Hot, dry and loads of  kangaroos everywhere - this is real Australia

Hubby raced up to the house.  The people from whom we had bought the place were away for the weekend in Maleny. We gave them the okay to live on the premises for another six months;  they were due home on Monday.

Hubby broke into the house and telephoned the fire brigade.  They would be thirty minutes.  Our closest town.  He was very concerned about the power pole as it was in the line of the fire.  He ran back to help poor Mitch, but it was too late.  The fire had reached the pole.  The next minute sparks were going off on in all directions.   Needless to say, the power leading to the house went out.

The two of them battled away till the fire brigade arrived.  Exhausted and defeated  it sounds like they dropped like flies when the firemen took over.  Not yet sure how long it took to put out the fire.  Well.  Bushfire actually.  It's the Australian bush and we are in an Australian summer.  Don't want to imagine how badly all this could have turned out.

Bottom line is the fire was put out and I'm sure the people of this town will be wondering about the 'newest people' to have entered their district.  Will they think we are total goons and most likely 'cityfolk' who don't have a clue?  Most likely.

Five o'clock in the afternoon I get the phone call and a rundown of the day's events; 'we're going to be late as we've had a little accident'.  Funny that.  I bet if I were responsible, it would have been a major accident.  But in Hubby's words, just a 'little' accident.   Okay, what now.  And take it easy on my boy.  He needs his wits about him this week.

They can't leave the place with no power.  They decide to stay overnight in a motel in town and find out where and how they can get a generator to link up to the house.  That will be a job for the morning.

So much for my boy taking much needed time-out for a relaxing and exciting drive to our new place.  And helping his Pa just a little.  I can't help chuckling as I sit here and wait for Basil and Manuel to come home.


  1. Oh Mariana! You sound so calm writing it all. There was a little inward sucking of breath from my end just reading it. How scary fire in Australian bush can be, and so quick at this time of year. I hope the rest of the week is not so eventful for you, and also hope the move of the house goes well.

  2. Oh cityhippyfarmgirl. Life is never dull around here. I've learnt to become calm; believe me; I used to be a drama queen; but living through dramas has definitely changed me. Humour is a great coping mechanism too. Thanks dear for your hope, but I fear that the week will continue to be eventful. Of that I am certain.

  3. Oh poor Mitch and Peter! That is full on. They must have been scared out of their mind! So glad that they are safe and nothing too bad happened other than tired bodies and some power out. Oh dear.
    Love to the family.

  4. Oh My! what a day for your two men. Im so glad they are safe though. I suppose everything is ok by now. but how exciting to have a new piece of property to work on. I can only magine :))

  5. Hi Kylie - yeah they came out alright. But Hubby did get some pretty bad blisters on his hands actually and my poor boy managed to get out two of the motorbikes in the shed next door. He almost didn't go back for the second one because the fire and the radiation of the heat was too unbearable. But he did and he got the bike out. I wish I didn't know that! Hope you and your dear hubby are well. Mariana xxxx

  6. Yes, Zurin there is an awful lot of work ahead, but as you say, exciting. More updates as they happen. Mariana xxxx