January 8, 2012

What A Season!

The farm has been so beautiful lately.  All the rain. Everything looks so vibrant, fresh and green. The stock have been blessed with good feed and there has been no need to sell any of our animals this season.  Looks like the season may well continue.  I for one, am absolutely loving the cooler summer compared to the normally hot, sticky Aussie summer.  Please Mr Weatherman, keep it up!

I posted some pictures from my walk just the other day.  No - it's not Ireland - it's Australia - in the heart of summer.  Unbelievable!

The clouds moved and the light circled around the trees in this pocket on the hill - so pretty!

The cows will be in heaven once they're allowed in this beautiful "kikuyu" paddock

The crystal clear water in our river glistened - so calming for my soul

View from the river flat

This next fellow showing good potential for a future 'Papa' bull.

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