July 31, 2012

Graduation Day

Last time I attended a graduation, it was that of my husband. A little over 25 years ago. Last week I attended another graduation. My son Mitch graduated and I can't believe he's now free!!!! Free from studying late at night, early in the morning, catching trains, missing trains, going all day without his lunch, storming through the doors starving and too hungry to speak till he's eaten, blurry eyes, computer screens, experiments and assignments. All now over.

He didn't have much time to register for the graduation as he only received his results the week before. Boy they don't muck about.  A good thing I guess. And his results? Too amazing. His major project and two final subjects all received High Distinctions. I nearly fell off my chair - when he finally told me.

 As I recall he knew his results the night before, but only mentioned them to me next morning. This followed on to the rest of the family in his own good time - no rush. He's too humble that boy. But then again, he's probably got the right idea. Feeling relieved it was all over and pleased that he passed, what's the point in bragging. But I'm mother, and I can't help it. I'm just so proud and I can't contain myself.  My Mitch was one of the few to receive a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours. Wow!!!!

What an achievement son!!

As for the road ahead, well that I'm dreading. You see I get on really well with my son and he's become quite a handy boy around the place. I wouldn't say I rely on him, but he certainly pulls his weight and helps his mother with chores and fixing things and just being there to talk to when something comes up.

I've become very used to having him around and the thought of him not being around anymore is a little hard to bear. It's going to hurt a lot more than I will lead on of course. I'll put on a brave, smiling face and send him off into the world, probably across the other side of the country.  I look up from my computer and see him in the corner of the lounge room on his computer and all is well.  But the day will come when I look up and he won't be there. Sooner than I expect. My eyes are already welling at the mere thought. And my heart will really ache. I think for the first time in my life I get how my Dad felt when I married.  It meant I was leaving home for ever and in his world, everything changed.  I wish I could call him. I wish I could see him. Hug him. Tell him I now understand.

I treasure every moment you're home Mitch.  I understand you have to go. I just don't want to think about it. Congratulations on a well-deserved, marvellous achievement.  You earned it.

A small gift to remember this special day!


  1. Congratulations Mitch.

    Mariana, bask in the glory of achievement. You probably deserve it as much as Mitch.

  2. I deserve a lot passionfruitgarden, but, Mitch truly and totally deserves this all on his ownsome! He slogged his guts out and that is no understatement. The glory is his and he absolutely earned it! I'll pass on your congrats and thank you. Mariana.