September 2, 2012

High Tea at Nindooinbah

I spent a lovely morning in the Kerry Valley, south of Beaudesert, supporting the people who are fighting the 'quarry' from going ahead in the area. It was held in the grounds at the homestead of Nindooinbah. What a passionate, determined group of country folk out there. I wish we had these salt of the earth people in Numinbah. The quads would of been squashed long ago. Never mind.

 I had a lovely, albeit cold morning. Tables were adorned with crisp white tablecloths, pots of tea or coffee, flowers and lovely vintage cups and saucers.

To be honest, I felt the food was not top notch, but oh well, the money was for a good cause, so I won't be too judgemental. I must admit, I did come away from the day thinking more and more to myself that this is what I should be doing; probably in the hills of Numinbah. Honestly, it would be just be so beautiful - high tea in the hills and with the cows. Will someone out there yell at me to get going - whatever am I waiting for??

Our beautiful Patsy had her first calf two days ago. We're so proud of her. We hope her gorgeous little heifer will allow us to pat it.  Perhaps she'll learn from her mama who gleefully lets us pat her; hence her name Patsy. There's nothing like a healthy, new calf on a spring morning to make me feel like all is well with the world.
Taken by Nicole late this afternoon.


  1. Pssst...Mariana. Just do it!
    High tea in the hills with the cows? Hell yes.
    Damn I wish I lived closer!

    1. Yes I wish you lived closer too. It's so hard to find someone who just understands the whole vintage, home-cooked, home-made ethos and who is prepared to put in the hard yards to make it work. Brydie, get your butt up here. Mariana xx