October 29, 2012

Thinking Of My Dear Uncle

I'm feeling a little Montenegro homesick of late. Recent news about my uncle not doing very well has been in my thoughts. He is a wonderful man and even my children who cannot speak the language all agree that Ljubo is a most hilarious and special fellow. He spent the day with us in the photo above. That's Mitch standing in a temple on the Lovcen which is a very important landmark and place for the Montenegrins. Ljubo was so vibrant that day, even though there was much walking and climbing to do, there was no way he was staying behind.

Misty mornings on the hill where my father and Ljubo would have ventured so many times.

The iconic Durmitor National Forest in Montenegro. No words. It's a place you simply need to see.


  1. That does look nice. Best wishes to your uncle.

  2. I suspect a Montenegrin visit is on the cards. Some of those photos would be too good for a travel magazine. Or is it just because they mean a lot to me?

  3. Ever since the inception of my blog I wondered if you would ever read much less leave a comment on Through My Kitchen Window. Looks as though today’s the day. I’m sure you don’t realise son, but from the 365 days in the year, you’ve chosen to comment this November 21st, which is the Radovic’s Patron Day or better known as our ‘Slava’. How eeyrie and you know I’m not really religious. And of course it had to be on a post about Montenegro.
    Thanks my love for the ‘travel photo’ compliment but when the subject is this good, it’s hard to stuff up, right? Then again; it’s so nice to hear it means a lot to you. As do you to me. Sorry ‘bout the long reply, but with a strike rate of zero comments until today, you may never write on this blog again!!! Your Ma xxxxxxxxxx