November 16, 2012

Winds of Change

I feel like fainting. Getting up this morning, I decided to pop two houses down to Romano and Philomena's for Turkish coffee, a shot of grappa and a quick catch-up since returning home from Gundy. The latest news?  Our beloved neighbours and friends of twenty five years have sold their house.

They've been trying to sell for a couple of years, but have been in two minds really as to what the best outcome is for their future. To stay or to go. Back to Croatia, with roots in France and Ukraine too. As Philomena would say 'God has answered'. If they don't change their mind during the cooling off period, in one weeks time, then done deal.

I feel like my world is changing. They moved up here on the Gold Coast the same time we did. We built our houses together, we lived like gypsies in caravans, we helped one another.  When I went to hospital to give birth to Mitch, Philomena looked after my gorgeous blonde little Issy who was two years old at the time. She was in Philomena's very capable hands and we still laugh and talk about that week when the only thing Larissa would eat was "sausage". Philomena cooked and processed all kinds of veggies to feed her, but Issy snubbed her nose at everything and only wanted "thauthage". Just one little story that comes to mind. There's a million others just like it.

Oh dear. As we stand at the gate chatting, Hubby drives by in Larissa's car. He pulls up and we tell him the news. He turns off the engine and steps out. Monsterous news he says. The next minute a car drives into our place. He races back. Tree loppers in the area wanting to know if we needed any trees taken out. They'd been working next door for the old bat that everyone in the street despises. They tell him she is selling up and needed the trees cleared. 

Wow. She's lived here for twenty five years too! What is going on; although I don't mind hearing that bit of news.  While we try and work out what to do for Christmas, Philomena tells me they'll be going to Moreton Island for their last christmas in Australia.  Oh no. Then Hubby pipes up that he received an email where he might have to commission some machines in the Ukraine from the 24th December and not be here for Christmas.

As I waddle into my drive I'm thinking 'gee it's a windy day and lovely to get all the sheets done'. I wipe away my tears. Honestly wind, I don't need anymore knocking about. This morning has thrown me way too many upheavals.

Forget breakfast. Some chocolate cake and strong coffee (again) to help me settle as I look through my kitchen window and am reminded that nothing every really stays the same.


  1. No, nothing does ... You will have to visit your friends wherever they settle. Don't forget to tell them you love them before they go.

  2. Glenda I said to Romano yesterday "I love you" and today again to the both of them. They're looking to settle in Pula, Istria.

  3. Istria is in northern Croatia and borders Italy. It once belonged to Italy but was taken over by Yugoslavia after world war 2. When the Yugoslav republics broke away after the Balkan war in 1991, Istria then came under the regime of Croatia, although it still enjoys a separate identity that Croatia recognises and accepts. Romano wants to live in Pula which is in the south and is also the capital of Istria and the Balkan way of life dominates here. Our friend Tony was born in Trieste, Istria but he regards himself Italian as he’s at the very northern tip of Croatia and bordering Italy. Oooops. Got carried away with my history lesson there haven’t I.

  4. Big changes Mariana... I think it takes tremendous courage to move house after being there 25 plus years, especially to a completely different country. The best thing about that is you get to go and visit them now.

    1. I do worry for them. Romano has lived outside of Croatia going on fifty one years. He is now sixty eight. But, he needs to do this and to find out if living out the last chapter of his life is back in the country of his birth. Time will tell I guess, and yes Brydie, I will visit them for sure. My favourite place in the world is Rovinj which is about forty five minutes from Pula where they will be living. Win-win!