December 31, 2012

Happy New Year'

"Polka Blue" by Royal Albert

One of my Boxing Day bargains. Not really a bargain as it cost heaps to begin with - but paying less than half of the original price feels good.  And I'm delighted with my Christmas present. Not just a lucky shot this pic. I think the new camera has something to do with it. The potential picture taking in 2013 is rather exciting.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Mariana xx


  1. Great pic, Marina, and lovely set. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Glad you like it Glenda; best wishes for a great year.

  3. Lovely picture! What kind of camera did you get?

    1. Okay Brydie - I just retrieved the camera box and it says - Canon PowerShot G15 Digital Camera. Hope that answers your question. Remember I'm no photographer, pretty much an auto girl who points and shoots. Nicole played a large role in persuading her father to update my camera as the previous one I was using was the Canon G7. Quite old actually. Anyhow, Nicka says if I were to learn more manual stuff I would be able to make some unbelievable pictures. She's very impressed with it and she received a very good review from the Top Photographer Retail Guy at Domayne where she works. She's tried it out and I think it's in danger - she wants one now!

  4. Ah, you're in good hands. I had the power shot G10 up until last September and it really was a great little camera. I can only imagine the 15 is even better. I love your pictures Mariana, you have a great eye and totally agree with Nicka if you go manual...whoosshka! Watch out! That was a good thing about the canon, manual options when you felt like it and macro...whew just looked at the details of the camera...f1.8-sweet for lighting :-) Happy snapping