February 16, 2013

24 & Never A Dull Moment


- Twenty four today -

I'm so happy to be spending the day here with  you despite the fact this place is beginning to freak me out. 

I hear Hubby yell out 'gee that was a close one'.  I step out and the next minute there's a flurry of grabbing spades and rakes. A chop through the centre,  an aggressive brown snake turning onto the spade trying to bite with all it's might. Mitch presses the rake onto it's 'head-half' while Hubby rams the spade just under it's neck.  Bloody hell. 

Where was the snake? Right beside the house steps of course; sunning itself just under a wooden plank with half it's body sticking out. Hubby didn't see it and thank god he didn't step on it. Mitchell's good eyes spotting again.  

How many 'close-ones' must we have? I know this is their territory, but I'm afraid the only good brown is a dead brown. 

Even so, Mitch still feels sorry for it.  Poor fella he says. Was probably keeping the house clear of mice he says. Just minding his own business trying to get a bit of sun he says. In the wrong place at the wrong time he says. 

I say; "better him than you my boy!" 

For a place this serene, you can't begin to imagine the potential for calamity.  Happy Birthday son and I wish for calm over calamity, at least for today - however - I fear that just ain't possible. 


  1. Mariana, sounds like you need a relaxing holiday in the city.