August 2, 2013

Happy Tummies All Around

Our poor little fellas from Numinbah had to spend four days in Boonah. One unsuspecting moo moo was carrying several ticks. So the trip to Gundy was halted. After doing "The Dip" a waiting period is necessary to ensure they were totally tick-free.

They arrived looking somewhat 'lost'. Sticking together like flies they huddled in the cattle yards and enjoyed a leisurely drink from the trough. Along comes Mitch with their first Gundy bale of hay. They literally attacked it once it hit the ground. Tummies filling up fast. You fellas are going to thrive in this place.

Mitch's engineering, design and welding skills
 put to work constantly on the property.
Here his bale protector worked out beautifully -
the cows can pop their heads inside and pull out the hay with ease.
Well Done Mitch.

After building an enclosure for the bale so that it doesn't become an instant mess all over the ground; I decided the builder could use some afternoon tea.  Some green apples on the bench needed using. Apple Shortcake came to mind. Rustic and free-form - even better. A hungry Mitch was pleasantly surprised!

Here's the recipe: Apple Shortcake.

**Just a couple of things.

  1.  I cut 6 apples into chunks; cooked in lemon juice and two tablespoons sugar till apples just held their shape. Drain. 
  2. Instead of adding a quarter of a cup of sugar to the apple as stated in the recipe; I added one tablespoon to my cooled down apple.
  3.  I also didn't do the brushing with egg white and sprinkling of sugar over the dough - icing sugar sufficed for us. Allow to cool down really well; it'll cut easily that way without crumbling to bits. 

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