November 24, 2013

Swerve, Slide 'n Meringue

How silly can I be. I know that one of the cooking "no no's" in humid weather is to make meringue.

Still, I went ahead but this time I made an Italian Meringue - I had to take something to an afternoon tea and I rather fancied making my Lemon Meringue Slice.

I took instruction from the lovely Brydie with her Lemon Meringue Pie, well, at least for the Italian Meringue topping. I made my own base and filling and then set about with the meringue.

If it wasn't for the moisture in the air, I think it'd be pretty darn perfect.  It still did a 'slider' in the car as my friend Sue negotiated the corners with me yelling at her 'take it easy'. No matter. Upon arrival I asked the hostess for a knife and 'slid' the meringue squares that decided to go for a wander back onto their lemony foundations.  All good. Rave reviews.

So I reckon she's a keeper. Certainly appears to be far more stable than the regular meringue. Thanks Brydie for the Italian Meringue Recipe. I'm sure in ideal weather conditions it's bang on.


  1. Oooh tested by the queen of the kitchen...I'm honoured! The last time I made meringue it was really humid as well, "where's my height, what happened to my height!"
    Now tell me dear lady, how do you do your lemony middle?

  2. You mean there's more height! Wow - look forward to that.

    We're having a High Tea in the valley this Thursday - my friend has registered to hold an event during Social Inclusion week. I think we're expecting about a dozen homeless men, who get together and sing. They'll be practising xmas carols on the day and I am putting on a major High Tea spread with all the bells and whistles. My computer is literally surrounded by tiered platters, glass domes, vintage trays and 22 vintage tea sets; all wrapped and ready to go. Oh groan - and so much more - what an exercise, but I'm thrilled to do it. Other guests including our local councillor, and hopefully some media. Tomorrow I start cooking and of course Brydie the Lemon Meringue Slice will be on the menu.

    My filling is very similar to yours actually - 400gm condensed milk, 2 egg yolks, 2 teaspoons lemon rind, 1/2 cup lemon juice - whisk thoroughly then it's poured over the cooled baked base and baked in oven for only 10 mins. I notice yours is stove top. Not much in it really.

    Mariana x

  3. Mariana that is super exciting! Well done. I hope it's perfect weather for you, and everyone has a ball. I would love to see all the goodies you bake for the day...obviously if I was there I'd just be hanging out at the lemon meringue slice end- oh that lemony goodness is good, it really is.

    1. I'm super exhausted; absolutely dog tired; worked myself silly. But - twas totally worth it and all the guests were soooo blown away - I received endless thanks and looks of amazement - hehe - guess that is praise enough.

      Our local councillor attended and when I tried to whiz past him, he stopped me with a look of gastronomic delight and said "that is the best lemon meringue pie I've ever eaten" - no kidding!! Then at the top of his voice, he drew the crowds attention and said 'word of warning people- the lemon meringue is sooooo bad I suggest you don't go anywhere near it" - no kidding!! Everyone laughed and of course the whole thing disappeared, but not before I managed to grab another slice and put in on our Councillor's doggy bag plate.

      The MOT group was so thrilled with everything - the venue, the tea cups, the food, the bunting, the flowers, the weather was magnificent and it was the best High Tea ever!! They sang so many songs out of pure joy and gratitude. I'm really touched as it was clear how very touched they felt.

      Like I said, feeling buggered, but worth it. The lemon meringue was right up there Brydie and probably tipped the Asparagus and Camembert Quiche which sent people troppo too. x

  4. I absolutely adore anything lemony especially lemon meringue pie! I will definitely give this a whirl.
    What a wonderful thing to be doing Marianna, I hope we get to see some pictures, I've got vintage tea set envy!!
    Jan xx

    1. Unfortunately Jan I just couldn't zip around and take the nice photos that I wanted. No time. I clicked a bit, but not really happy with the shots. There was soooo much to do and taking photos was last on the list. Oh well. I have the amazing memories.

      Before I forget, I'll list the menu for my sake so that I can recall what I did.

      Savoury: Fresh sandwiches -
      Egg & Lettuce, Cream Cheese & Cucumber,
      Cheese & Avocado, Ham, Tomato & Lettuce,
      Roast Port, Capsicum Relish & Lettuce

      Pumpkin & Feta Quiche
      Asparagus & Camembert Quiche
      Bacon, Corn & Tomato Quiche

      Silverbeet & Feta Muffins

      Scones with whipped cream and jam and marmalade
      Chocolate cup cakes
      European Marble Cake
      Peach and Cherry Danishes
      Carrot Cake
      Date and Walnut Cake
      Lemon Meringue Tart
      Vanilla Slice

      No bloody wonder I'm feeling knackered.
      And a Christmas party to get ready for now this Sunday on the farm - oh god give me strength.

    2. I bet everyone loved it and appreciated your brilliant effort xxx