January 2, 2014

Precious Pressie

How lucky do I feel?

My precious daughter brought home this precious tea set from Whitby in England. Sounds like it activated the stress scale quite a bit with having to make it home in one piece.

Make it home in one piece it did. It was the grand finale pressie for me on xmas day. As I lifted the lid off the beautifully packaged gold box, a piece of immaculate history stared back at me.

It's in extraordinary condition; I couldn't find a blemish. I'm told it was made sometime during the Edwardian Era making it over 100 years old.

I hold it, steadily, very steadily, and I imagine it was made before WW1 started, before the sinking of the Titanic and I wonder if this cups kind were served on the Titanic. Who knows?

And so a new chapter begins here with me in Australia. Will it ever be used - hmmm - I'm weary at this stage, but hopefully I'll muster the courage to use sip from it one day. I must!

Feeling fortunate.
Thank you darling daughter.
Love Mother x


  1. Oh my, isn't that just stunning....to sip or not to sip that is the question!! What a sweet daughter you must have with impeccable taste! Jan x

  2. Sip Mariana sip. Sip from all that history and think of the stories that little cup good tell.

    1. Not feeling brave enough Brydie - maybe one day soon. x