March 25, 2009

Avocado Overload

Whatever you do, don't look up!

An avocado is more than likely to explode all over the top of your head, and the seed may well knock you out! It's great to have heaps of avocadoes but it can definitely be a health hazard.

Having an abundance of avoes can also be a battleground. At night there are flying foxes screeching and fighting with each other to get to the fruit. Possums run riot as the strength of the branches are severely tested. To top it off nasty rodents chomp away leaving fruit with holes in them. Battered and bruised avocadoes lying on the ground in the morning reflect the extent of the battle that took place the night before. Some nights are worse than others; I wonder if the weather has something to do with it.

Battles aside, the tree is splendid and strong and stubborn. It continues to thrive under testing conditions and provides us with the most amazing tasty fruit. Being next to the chicken pen would certainly ensure lots of nutrients from all the chook poop lying around. Ahh, nature is a wonderful thing. We are so blessed with beautiful salads and tangy guacamole.

And the sounds of the animal kingdom orchestra are performed in avocado land every night.


  1. Yum I can taste those advocados at this moment!!

  2. Yeah nothing compares to fruit straight from the tree. However I do have problems reaching them. They are a couple of metres higher than the chicken pen. So it is a problem.