March 24, 2009


Wandering outside on this beautiful sunny day I take time to visit our kiwi vine which is about 20 years old. All the branches are intertwined and overlapping and there is such a sense of history as I stand there.

All the rodents our dear jack russell has chased under here; and caught! Not every time though. The rubber tyres stored nearby and the kids playing with them when they were little. The cubby house attached to the vine and all the innocent sounds of children at play that came from there. The chickens and the roosters that used to perch themselves on the tyres and the logs underneath. They still do today.

However dear Rosie (jack russell) no longer chases rodents. We hope she is around to enjoy her sixteeth birthday next year. And I guess the only children playing under here again will be grandchildren. If I ever get so lucky. No pressure kids in case you are reading! Seriously, no pressure. Live your lives and do what you need to do to create your own history. And maybe plant a kiwi vine or a coffee tree or any tree that has a long life span. Your tree may remind you of many memories one day. Just like my kiwi vine today.


  1. I hope you also have memories when you see the jacarandas in flower next door???

  2. Aww how nostalgic of you. Sure I do. When I walk to Filo's I remember all the little creatures running in and out of the garden.

    I remember a silver van with 'copper van' written on it, dashing in and out the drive several times a day.

    I recall wattles and big white beautiful flowers that you were so proud of but I cant remember their name. I remember some tree you were also fond of, 'mexican something or rather', a very tall tree. For some reason these images stick in my mind more than the jacarandas, perhaps because we had one as well so it didnt seem such a big deal.

    Yes certain moments trigger certain memories. And the connection is still there.

  3. Yes that's right they were mexician tree fern trees and grew so huge ...the black cockatoos even loved them (I guess because they were so tall?) I suppose the Jacrandas were so special to me as I had grown them from a seed (Gay's mother-in-laws tree that eventually had to be removed for the reno!