March 23, 2009


Nothing compares to good old fashion free range eggs. My dear neighbour is a lady from Europe and she sells eggs to ladies from her community. She has trouble keeping up with supplies. I am one of her suppliers but with six chooks and cooking needs of my own, she is lucky to get two dozen a week from me.

Last time she asked me not to wipe them properly because one customer wondered if she were buying them herself and selling them as "free range". Needless to say she was very offended and decided not to remove any marks from the shell so as to prove they were from her barn. So that is the reason behind my "blemished" eggs. Not to mention uneven size. Some of them are so big that the egg carton simply cannot be closed. Despite the fact that they are extra large containers too.

Anyhow the bottom line is my chookies are very happy girls and that becomes loud and clear when I crack open one of their marvels to reveal rich yellow and orange yolks. I never take the eggs for granted and they always make a difference to the overall result in a dish especially in baked goodies. Eggstraordinary girls, keep it up.

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