March 15, 2009

Through My Kitchen Window

Well, no point mucking about. I have been thinking of starting my blog for about three years now and its always the same. I'm not sure how to post photos, I'm not that computer literate, I don't know where to begin, I can't think of a clever blog name.
Yep I've had enough and I am biting the bullet and putting myself out there. Jeepers. Yep, don't look back. I'm on my way. Holey dooley. Am I sure? Yep. It's on.

Trying to think of a clever name has been a major obstacle you see. I am a little bit of a foodie as you will discover over time so this in itself has presented problems for me. What to use? I love capsicums, chocolate, limes (nah Kathryn from limes and lycopene won't be happy), oranges (nah molly from orangette won't be happy) and so it goes. Nearly settled for cumquat marmalade because of the blue ribbons my recipe has won, but, nah.

So here I am today looking out my kitchen window for inspiration and then it came to me. Everytime I look through my kitchen window I see nature in all it's glory and life in all its forms as it passes by or simply happens. Often it is at times like these that I get inspired or an idea or a recipe comes to me and off I go. Simply disconnecting myself from "things" and taking a moment to savour the beauty of nature is enough to prompt me into action. How lucky am I to have a kitchen window? I have never actually thought of it that way until right at this moment.

So there it is. Through My Kitchen Window.

It's a sad day through my kitchen window actually because little Penny is no longer there. Last week we had nine guinea pigs and now we are down to five. Not sure what got the father and two of Ziggy's latest babies but we did see some evidence of a dog nearby. So we started to shut the gate at night. However no Penny this morning. Her lovely ruffly little white coat with patches of black and brown and the funny way she scratched herself till she fell over is a sight I shall miss.

I phoned Nicole (my beautiful daughter) and gave her the bad news. She cried. She was hoping to breed some more and Penny of course had a major role to play there. Perhaps it was an owl at night. There is no way we can know for sure. Still, she had a great life, albeit a short one. If I had my choice I would rather live like Penny did, free to roam around all day rather than be caged. The down side is there are risks. Rest in peace Penny.

My pizza day was a success yesterday. There were ten people in the class and they all left with smiles on their faces so I'm guessing they had fun. Oh the options with pizza are endless. I shall share them with you down the track, but right now my favourite pizza sauce would be marinated capsicum with shavings of garlic and some of the marinade oil. Spread that over the base, top with finely sliced red onion, diced green capsicum, slices of cevapcici (skinless balkan sausages), some feta and a little bocconcini. Wow what an explosion of flavour bursting all over the palate. Just like a true Balkan, full of fire.

Mitch (my balkan loving son) was telling me yesterday I should run my own pizza place out in the hills of the hinterland. That way at least I might make some money. I hear you Mitch, I hear you. The time is still not right but I hear you mate. Hey wait a minute, the time was never right to start a blog either but here I am. My first post. Upwards and onwards.


  1. Just lovely.
    I look forward to reading the life of your new blog.

  2. Why thank you (my other beautiful daughter).
    The only way from here is up and so the journey begins.

  3. I am really enjoying your blog. Would you mind sharing your recipe for cumquat marmalade?