March 20, 2009

Waiting for autumn

There is a a slight change in the weather finally. Cooler at night and cooler in the mornings, but still fairly hot during the day. Oh how I long for a cold day, all day. But autumn is definitely on the way. I can't say adios to summer soon enough.

All the guinea pigs, all five of them are still here. Thank goodness. I couldn't see Coon for a while but he eventually showed up. Relief. I have noticed a greater sense of reservation on their part. They are not staying in the open for very long and they run, run, run as fast as they can to get from one area to the next. Maybe their sense of danger has finally been heightened with the loss of half the clan. They are such a joy to watch nibbling, dashing, sunning themselves and searching for food, doing what free range guinea pigs do I suppose.

Gosh the house needs attention. The kitchen needs a big clean up, washing to do, vacuuming, general tidying up everywhere. So here I choose to be ignoring it writing to you instead. I am a master at procrastination. Always have been. It's my biggest downfall in life.

Having said that I still have a chocolate sugar syrup made ready to turn into a chocolate cake. It seems when there is no room to move in the kitchen I can still find time and space to make chocolate cake. One of life's necessities I suppose. When everything is falling apart eat chocolate cake. Yep.

Hubby has had his operation cancelled for a month. The doctors seem to think they will remove the stent and see how he goes without it for a month. If there is no reoccurrence he may not have to have the surgery. Tricky times as it appears hard to know what the best thing is to do. Still hubby is pleased with that approach. Who can argue with that? After all, I wouldn't want an operation unless it was totally essential. Fingers crossed.

I asked my never-at-home-daughter if she would be home for dinner tonight. Upon hearing lamb roast was on the menu she promptly said yes. There is nothing like a roast to make one feel homely and warm and in a way I guess valued. Wow four of us eating at the table tonight, that is a rare occurence these days.

The wind is rustling through the trees and the branches are gently swaying. I could close my eyes and listen to nature doing its thing. So calming.

But I look around and reality hits with a bang; mess needs attention; but first of all I need to go and put that cake together. After all, when a little work is done, there is nothing like homemade chocolate cake to reward one's efforts.


  1. you're blogs are so beatiful and peaceful to read! :D

  2. Thank You. I was told no one will even visit my site till about one year of blogging. One week into posting I am so glad you found me. And even more pleased with your kind comments. So nice.