January 3, 2011


Marinated Greek Feta Cheese

Last October I attended a two day cheese-making workshop. I remember battling an awful cold at the time. It didn't help that our teacher Graham, was a passionate, enthusiastic, slave driver who worked us solidly. I'm glad he did though.  Looking back, we achieved so much in those two days. I went from using fresh cheese immediately to enjoying cheese ripened just in time for Christmas Day.  The satisfaction in unwrapping my very own handmade cheese was more rewarding than I can say.  What a talking point.

Graham pressing the cheddars
  If you live in Queensland I can't recommend this course enough. Check out Graham's website http://www.cheesemaking.com.au/.  Better still, GO!  You won't regret it.  Thanks Graham for an exhausting, thoroughly comprehensive and totally rewarding time.

I had a blast and these were the cheeses we made; Chabichou, Quark, Greek Feta, Cheddar, Camembert and Brie, Whole Milk and Whey Ricotta and Fresh Mozzarella. 

 I used the fresh quark to bake a cheesecake. I topped it with my strawberry and mulberry homemade sauce. It was refreshingly tangy.  The taste of the cheese really came through. Amazing.

Fresh Chabichou Round

The Chabichou was simply delightful with savoury or plain crackers. A neutral, slightly tangy taste. Everyone loved it.  We savoured every mouthful.

The Geek feta round after 36 hours of open air draining.  It really was beginning to "get up the nose" by this time.  Despite this, it looked absolutely perfect.

A view of the Greek feta halved. Yippee. Perfect.

Packing the cut up feta to be marinated. I added whole fresh garlic, sprigs of lemon oregano and whole black peppercorns.

I used a combination of extra virgin olive oil and canola oil with which to marinate the feta. I should mention I did the exact same thing with a round of Chabichou.  They held their shapes beautifully. The feta was sharp and quite pungent. The kids were not a fan. I sense that I had created a true Greek feta. It brought back memories of the cheese my aunt used to buy to make her cheesy pita with feta. This smelt and tasted exactly the same.  The marinated Chabichou was a real hit.  It seemed to take the flavours on better. Although soft and crumbly as I packed them into the jar, the cubes held their shape and tasted delicious. Hooray again!

The camembert was a real surprise. It deserves a post all on its own.  The cheesemaking course was rather pricey, but truly worth it.  I am still reaping the benefits. And the recipes are there if I were so inclined to begin a cheese factory.  Another dream, another day.


  1. This class looks fabulous. I seriously cannot decide which cheese looks best. I adore feta, the Chabichou looks superb, and then your fresh quark cheesecake. Yum, yum, and yum. And then there all of the other cheeses you aren't even showing here. Lucky you.

  2. I certainly had a variety with all my cheeses. I still pinch myself. Yes, I really did make them. Yes, the class was fabulous. Yes, lucky me. Lovely as always to see you Denise.

  3. fantastic looking cheeses Mariana! how lucky u are to be able to make your own. that must have been quite a class! :))

  4. You never cease to amaze me with the things you do and how well you do them even though I have know you so long and realize how good you are at things I still get a surprise...just fantastic!! I just am having a love affair with feta at the moment but my man doesn't like it ..that is if he knows it is in there so bit of deception now and then!

    The only cheese I have ever made is the soft cheese made from yoghurt which I do use often in my cheese cakes and am always happy with the result.

    Just love that you are back!!

  5. Thanks zurin - I had a blast making them. I only wish I wasn't so unwell at the time. There was soooo much info to absorb during the class and my level of concentration was poor. But it was truly fantastic. Mariana xx

    Hey there stormy - oh you always know how to make a gal feel special. So what is it that you are doing with all this feta dear? You made me laugh about your man. I think we are all prone to a little deception at times. Hehe. I wish you were here to enjoy some with me right now. Next piece and I shall think of you. As always Love Mariana xx

  6. I use it in my mediterranean meatballs,my spinach and ricotta triangles,and my spinach pie with no crust,just on top of lunch. I like to cut it up and put it in the oil of the sundried tomatoes and just talking about it makes me hungry!!

  7. Gosh Gayle, feta in the meatballs sounds different. Spinach and ricotta plus the feta - I can't recall how many times I have used these three together. The trusty never-fail way to use feta every time. Love your sundried tomato oil idea too. The possibilities are endless.
    Thanks dear. Mariana xx