March 22, 2011

Art Imitating Life

Artwork on the wall of a bakery in Split, Croatia

The real thing in downtown Pula, Croatia. 

I know.  I broke the rules and posted two photos.   I hope you like it.  I absolutely adored the "hanging".  It's made from material and I found it utterly charming. 


  1. Goodness, but you've been busy here! I love your laundry lines - not that I adore doing the wash, but isn't there something romantic about fresh laundry on the line? It's grounding, in a way, I suppose.

  2. My goodness. Yep, my favourite photos so far, by far! Nice work ma! Nik.

  3. Oh My lol...its so cute. the art and the real thing. I wonder how they got the clothes on the line in the first place?!

  4. I can well relate to the laundry line. I have one in my backyard, but not quite so high. I can reach it standing from the ground, so mine's perhaps a little more 'grounding' Chelsea. But on a more serious note, I think it's quite unforgiveable in a country like Australia that so people have given away the clothes line and simply rely on a dryer. UNFORGIVEABLE. We are a sunny continent and I feel house and landowners in Queensland have no excuse not to be hanging up their clothes. It uses so much energy to run a dryer and we ought be more environmentally conscious in these matters. I have never owned a dryer and I never will!! Long live the clothes line. Oooh, sorry to rant Chelsea. It seems a nerve has been touched.

    I had a feeling Nic - I had a feeling that you would like this one. Your comment confirmed my instincts. Thanks dear. Ma.

    Isn't it cute Zurin. Glad you like it. There was actually quite a bit of detail and work in the hanging. But you know, there is quite a bit of work in hanging out the 'real' washing too. I'm not sure how the line operates. Sorry.