March 24, 2011

The Shop

Zoritsa is sitting in front of the shop.  She has shifts and swaps with her daughter-in-law and her son. Their shop services the village of Potrk - the village where your Grandfather grew up Nic.   You'd be surprised at just how much this little shop can  hold.  Packets of cereal, sugar, flour, heaps of tetra packs containing long life milk, stock, juice etc.  Cigarettes, alcohol and loads of soft drink.  So if you get a craving for some coca cola Nicole,  you don't have far to travel.  It's about 1/2  km from my uncle's house. If you tell them you're from Australia (you won't have to as they will surely know - it's a small town), I guarantee you will get the item for free.  Most probably with a chocolate bar thrown in.  These people are just too good-hearted.  Heaven knows how they make any money.

PS:  Looks like I broke another rule.  I missed a photo yesterday.  I know you'll forgive me Nic and Stormy but for the rest of you maybe in a couple of months I can reveal what has been going on behind the scenes at TMKW.   For now I'll simply say it was another day in court.  Most likely to continue for another couple of months. 


  1. This is delightful! And well, I suppose you are forgiven mother. Just this once ;)
    I hope they don't give us anything for free, that seems completely backwards to me. Anyhow... another charming post ma, thankyou. Nik.

  2. oh dear - good luck with those behind the scenes trials.

  3. Cute isn't it Gayle.

    Nothing backward about it Nic. If they give you stuff for free, you must take it or they will be offended. It's just how it is.

    Thanks Chelsea - we are planning a book with all the events taken place over the last three years. Our story is unbelievable. Actually not that unbelievable. Just rare. The average person like us taking on the authorities and winning is not that common. We have to believe that good triumphs over evil. It continues to drive us. Have a good weekend dear. Mariana

  4. How exciting....youre writing a book :)) It must have been quite an experience. And congratulations on winning. Indeed its not common.good has to triumph. Otherwise what will come of this world. I dare not imagine!Good for you Mariana and your friends too!

  5. Oh dear Zurin - sounds like you think we've won. We haven't dear! The case is still going on. We had a little "win" on the day in question, but we most certainly haven't won. There's much still to do. The difference is that we are now before a judge who will make a ruling and not before the previous authorities who allowed things to continue because 'mates were looking after mates". Corruption is now out of the game. We have another hearing this week and then work to do, then the judge deliberating sometime in June. I hope you can congratulate me for real in the coming months Zurin. Then I'll tell you more about the upcoming book and most likely a film. If we put our story into the hands of the people who made an australian movie called "The Castle", Im sure they would jump on it. We need to win first. Cross fingers. Mariana xxxx