March 19, 2011

Biogradska Boats

On a misty, drizzly afternoon my cousin raced home from work to take us to Biogradska National Park.  It's in Northern Montenegro, about half an hour from Belo Polje.  We arrived in miserable conditions.  Hardly a person in sight.  Perfect.  We  had the whole park to ourselves and we all giggled like children. Mossy rocks and slippery tracks in our path, but we managed to stay afoot.  The rain increased steadily, the fog and mist started to set in.  The forest was stunning.  I'll post some photos at a later time.  But for today I have chosen to show you the beautifully hand crafted boats securely locked by the jetty.  I suspect they'd have to be.  Aren't they gorgeous.  The timber used to build them came directly out of the forest.  I only wish I could remember the type of wood from which they were made.