March 17, 2011


We spent two fascinating hours in an Istrian town called Rovinj.  It was here I bought your lovely purple swing dress from a little shop by the waterfront. I loved this place. Totally captivating.  Charming. Entrancing. I was soooo hooked.  Nowhere near enough time to explore.  A storm literally blew us off our feet.  The rain pelted and we dashed back to the bus.  I still think of this place.  I want to go back.  Maybe we can even catch the ferry across the Adriatic Sea and go to Venice.  Mitch wouldn't do it.   He still had issues with Australia knocked out in the world cup by the Italians in 2006.  He refused to set foot on Italian soil. Isn't he a card!  Maybe you and I can go this time Nicole.


  1. Oh ma, brilliant photo! It looks professional, really.
    And I would be delighted to go there with you, how exciting. Love Pest. X

  2. It is indeed a brilliant foto!!! It looks like a painting and so gorgeously captured. I wonder what more beautiful photos you have in your album. youre a natural. Truly.

    It looks like a place i would want to explore too. Soooo rustic and quaint.


  3. What a nice surprise to see some visitors.

    With or without you dear, I'm going! Love Ma

    Cityhippyfarmgirl - I have no words. It's magical.

    Zurin - I've taken many shots that aint so great. I want to spend a week there and get lost. Come. We'll get lost together. It's so utterly breathtaking.