March 27, 2011

The Full Monty-negro Loo

This is a photo of a typical loo in the village of Potrk; Montenegro.  This one in the foreground,  belonged to neighbours two homes away from my uncle's house.  Wait till you see my uncle's loo Nicole.  It's situated on the slope of a hill.  I had many a tricky morning making it to the dunny without falling over.  I recall getting to the door and taking a deep breath because I made it.  Especially on foggy, dewy mornings where the grass is wet and slippery.   The upshot is, when you make it to the loo and then back out again, you can stand there and take in the most amazing view of the mountains.  It's stunning.  Almost worth having to put up with the loo.  Almost.

PS:  If you don't like the option of using the loo, then the alternative is to choose a bush.


  1. All long drop toilets, I assume?'s a good thing to take a deep breath before you go in.. :)

  2. I think having to use outdoor toilets is perhaps the most radical of all cultural developments in the developed world in the last 100 years - I love how kids today simply can't believe that anyone would ever use such a thing. Ha.

  3. I remmeebr using toilets like these when I visited my dad's village for the festive season when I was little. there were seperate cubicles for baths and loo. I didnt like them very much . especially having to go in the dark. And with street lights far away across teh padi fields everything was pitch dark at night except for the gas lamps in teh house. We used torch lights if we wanted to go at night. And teh sights arent as beautiful because they were just positioned behind teh house. But there were lots of coconut trees around and bushes of plants I cant rememeber. But it does seem kind of romantic now though. lol ...Almost.

  4. To be honest Celia; take a deep breath before you go in, hold it, do the business, race out and breathe. If however you have to be in the loo for longer, then I suggest a hanky or tissues with which to cover your nose. Either way, it's lovely to get the hell outta there as fast as you can.

    Oh drfugawe - couldn't agree more with you. As for the kids, I think they should all have to live that way for at least a week. Hopefully better appreciation for the modern toilet which most simply take for granted.

    Zurin - I loved hearing about your experience when you were little and visiting dad's village. Sounds like you can well relate to the trials associated with going to an outdoor loo. Funny isn't it. At the time it was probably awful and yet here you are today saying that it was somehow "romantic". I think we are showing our age Zurin - because I actually feel the same way! Thanks dear.

  5. This will be interesting. ;) Nicka.