April 13, 2011

Crafty Ole Ducks

I attended the School Of Arts Hall in our farming community the other day.  The purpose was to have Nicole take some photos of in and around the Hall for sign related possibilities.   Inside, I was intrigued to discover the local ladies craft club, which was held once a month.  The six members in total were having a lovely morning tea, table filled with home-made goodies, the air infiltrated with laughter and talk.  I let Nic go off and explore while I sat down to warm welcoming faces, a cup of tea and plates all plunged in my direction.  I felt cemented to my chair.  I forgot what I came for.  I felt like I was among old time friends I hadn't seen for ages.  A couple I knew only in passing; to the others I was introduced. 

The ladies all showed me their projects.  I was smitten. It reminded me of years ago, when the kids were little and I spent every spare waking moment at the sewing machine, churning out creations.  I think I may have even shed a tear.  Nostalgia does that.  Right?

They all got up after morning tea, and stood side by side along the century old table in the corner of the Hall.  I watched them all, standing, near the big window with the best light, as they continued to work.  Applique was the theme of the day.

I wandered off to where Nicole was taking photos in one corner of the Hall.  She'd fallen in love with one lady's incompleted knitting blanket.   Her camera was getting a workout.   Something happened to me at that moment.  I can't describe it.   I swung around and purposefully walked up to the ladies.  "What do I need to do to join your club", I heard myself ask.   Their delighted looking faces responded; "we've heard about your famous apple turnovers; to sign up you'll need to bring a plate of those every time", said one lady.   Everyone cracked up laughing. 

What can I say.  I'm hooked.  I have three weeks to think about my intended project.  I hope I don't get too hooked.  If I do, I may have to rename my blog to Through My Sewing Window, as the whisk and the spatula may well become replaced with the needle and thread.

PS:  All photos in this post were taken by my daughter, Nicole.


  1. I think we may be long lost twins Mariana!! I am crazy about quilts, patchwork and applique n what nots. I would join the group in a heartbeat. But as usual I never get around to sewing seriously. There have been a few attempts but you know when it comes to these things one really needs a group to share it with. with apple turnovers and such!

    You can have TWO beautiful blogs plus your other ones Mariana! Problem solved..hehe.


    Love this post! :)

  2. How lovely, , I shall find the time one day to join a craft group, and drink tea, and crochet and share stories... that blanket is just beautiful!

  3. Zurin - are you tall; do you have unruly, wavy hair, do you adore chocolate, do you speak Montenegrin? If you answered yes to one of the above, then, Yep, we must be long lost twins. How is it that I can see you being handy with a needle and thread. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. As for two blogs; my dear Zurin I'm flat out keeping up with one. And the others have been collecting blogland dust for quite a while now. Don't think I'll be creating another one any time soon. Delighted as usual to see you here my newfound twin. Mariana xxx

    Isn't it divine - I was very tempted to walk out the door with that blanket. Just stunning. Your description Gooseberry Jam, is now my reality. Someday, your turn will come.

  4. Geez, sounds like you are a triplet not a twin, that's me...except I don't speak Montenegrin.
    I've often thought I'd like to join the CWA. My sewing is terrible, I'm only just learning to crochet and my knitting is despondent. But I'm keen and happy to bake and jam...maybe one day I'll find a group like this.
    That blanket is beautiful.

  5. CWA!! Oh, if you only knew how long I imagined myself joining this very special group of ladies. I love the CWA cityhippyfarmgirl - do you have the DVD "Not All Tea and Scones"? It's about the CWA and their role as an organisation. I absolutely loved it. Loved it! And they do make scones and loads of cups of tea; along with raising valuable funds for the worthy and the needy.
    Two years ago, I saw an old lady struggling in the aisle to reach an item; I offered to get it for her and the next half an hour was taken up with talking to this lovely lady whose name was Noeline. She took her name and number out from her bag and handed it to me. She was a member and she was encouraging me to join. It didn't feel right at the time for me - commitments and all. But I recall thinking, when I'm 75 I want to be just like Noeline. I'll be a member before that age though. First, I need to get the craft skills up to scratch. So I'll start with one group at a time.

    PS - are you telling me you have wavy, unruly hair, love chocolate and are tall cityhippyfarmgirl? Oh, the kinship - it's too much - I'm overwhelmed.

  6. Ooooh - happy crafting; sounds like a nice community you've found there.

  7. Ah you gave me a good chuckle. I seriously doubt I'll ever put a picture up, but yep that's me. Permanant battle with the wayward hair, consume far too much chocolate, reaching up to top shelves are not a problem but finding sizeable shoes is!
    I haven't seen that dvd. Sounds good though. Have you seen the very girly "How to make an American Quilt"? I love the stories behind the quilt squares.
    Enjoy your crafting group Mariana.

  8. hehehe I LOVE chocolate. I hope to be tall when I grow up.

  9. I have tried to go back to sewing and crafty things and just can't seem to find the enthusiasm ..........boy I can imagine the master pieces now!!!!!!!!

  10. Hope so Chelsea - if I make stuff half as nice as your lovely knitting pieces, then I shall be delighted. mariana xxx

    Gosh - I can well relate to the wayward hair bit - must admit the sizeable shoes have never worried me. But then again, I'm not Imelda Marcos either. These days I would happily wear one or two pairs. And keep on wearing just them. I don't shop for shoes often, but when I do, I don't skimp.
    Yes, I've heard of that DVD, but never watched it. Sounds so warm. Thanks for dropping back in. Mariana xxx

    And what are you going to be when you grow up Zurin - a cake-decorating master would be my guess. And the cake is chocolate of course! Thanks twin. Mariana xxx

    Hey Gaylie - do you need to find enthusiasm darl. I'm sure you've made enough garments, curtains, t-shirts, tablecloths and god knows what else to last a lifetime. Stick with the house-swapping and live it up! Like you already ain't. Hehe. Mariana xxx

  11. What a gorgeous photo of the knitted rug! It would be lovely to lose a few hours every week with such crafty ladies! And your apple turnover must be something else, M. :)

  12. The rug is simply stunning. Yes, I do look forward to the group. A new beginning.

  13. These projects are beautiful, but the knitting has stolen my heart! Stopped by from Living a Little Greener, and love your space here! I think I may have to try your lemon butter!



  14. Your not alone Brenna - everyone seems to have fallen in love with the knitted rug! So pleased you dropped by and do try the lemon butter. It's the best. Mariana.