April 17, 2011


With Easter fast approaching, I can see the posting going down hill for a while.  It already has, so for this reason I've lumped together quite a few photos.  They are all pictures taken around my uncle's place in the small village of Potrk, Montenegro.

Every day, a few trips need to be made to the downhill mountain spring to collect fresh water.  It's our drinking water, washing water either for dishes or clothes or personal bathing.  This is it.  Our water supply.  No running taps here.  The  water is so fresh and clean and cold.  You'll be amazed that people actually live like every day.  The novelty will wear off quickly though - walking downhill with empty water bottles is easy - hauling them uphill ain't quite so easy.   

Prehistoric-looking hand-made tools.  They are still used to this day.

You'll see these haystacks all over the countryside.   

The neighbours chookhouse. So many textures in surrounding structures. You're gonna go crazy.

The fields your Grandpa roamed and worked as a young lad.

The storehouse

My Uncle Manolje

 "Through My Uncle's Kitchen Window"


  1. What an experience this is going to be.
    I'm going to need some Montenegrin lessons before we go.
    Hvala Martsy.

  2. Well it looks like you've started. "Dobro" or well done perhaps I should say. Oh yeah - like nothing you've ever experienced my dear. Where's your sister? Perhaps she's checked out this lot of photos and decided "it's all too hard". Lugging your own water will be a newbie. Hope you're up to it.