August 4, 2011

Lucky Cows

Patsy is always at the forefront of the girls - the click of the camera caused her much curiosity otherwise she would have lunged forward for her regular nuzzle and pat (hence the name Patsy).

I wonder if our lot know how lucky they are?  My guess is they do.  I'm so proud of my Hubby.  He has a high regard for the welfare of his animals.  It shows. And it doesn't stop there.  When he sold his steers last year, he wanted to know exactly where they were going.  The new owner. The type of country where they would graze.  The number of cattle on the property.  When all the boxes were ticked to his satisfaction, they sold.  He didn't care about how much money they fetched.  He wanted his fellows to go to a good home.  That's it.

His pride and joy bull was sold earlier this year to a lovely bloke in the valley just up the road.  Hubby gave him a fantastic deal by taking a lot less money than he was worth.  Hubby knows where he lives and he can visit him whenever he wants.  We are hearing fabulous reports from the owner who is delighted with him.  And so is the owner's eighty five year old mother who loves 'Bully' to pieces.  She named him "Bobby McGee" and she visits and pats him every day.  Can you believe it!  Patting a bull!  A happy chappy he is.  And so is my Hubby who continues to receive updates on his progress and his condition.

If all cattle owners in Australia were like my Hubby and the fellow up the valley, we would have a land filled with lucky cows.  And none would be shipped live to Indonesia.  Because the destination and the procedure that followed them would've been thoroughly checked out.  That's what caring custodians of these animals do.

I'm sure that exporter's of live cattle care about the welfare of their animals.  Still, I have difficulty accepting that the live export has gone on for years and no one knew about their treatment in those awful abattoirs.  If follow up had occurred then surely someone knew about it.  A cheque in the hand and a bolt securing the gate shut, should not be the end of the owner's interest.  At least not in our books.

Here is our Elfy  She is alive and well and thriving.  I showed up with some bread and  grain.  She spotted me from afar and here she is bolting down the hill in an attempt to scoff her face  before the others cotton on and make the charge too.

Where is your tag Hunny Bunny?

Mitch is about to get licked while trying to feed one lovely lady. 

Comfortable in each other's company


  1. Awwwww....such lovely cows. They ARE lucky :) they look healthy, well fed and cared for and LOVED! really lucky cows indeed Mariana :)) if thats how cows are treated I wouldnt mind being one.

  2. Oh Zurin you have no idea. They are spoilt rotten. Every time they see Hubby they come running they love him that much. And why not. He has special 'oil rubs' for them so they remain fly and tick free during the hot months and he gives them extra grain and feed in the colder months to get by if necessary and they get attention if they are ill. Some humans don't get anywhere near that tender loving care in life. Sad really.

  3. Awwww hahahah. I love this one, I think it's up there in one of my favourites Mama. :) <3

  4. Well of course it is darling - you above all people would know how well loved are pappa's cows.

    Mummy xxxxx