November 17, 2011

In My November Kitchen

I made fourteen assorted jars of jaboticaba jelly.  Two have already gone. Lots left for Chrissy presents. 

I purchased three rustic-looking, metal trays from Wheel and Barrow.  I adore them.  I managed to part with one and donated it to our recent Make, Bake and Grow fundraising event. 

I have such a weakness for bookstores.  The following newest titles are still on my kitchen table because I can't find any room on my overloaded book shelf.    

I won the honey at the Make, Bake and Grow  Day. 

Given that we have cows, how on earth could I pass up this creamer and mug.  I bought 4 of each; one set for me and more pressies for Christmas. 

Looking 'through my kitchen window', I can't wait for the bananas to ripen.  It's been a long time since we've been able to keep a bunch intact given the bats around here. 

The same goes for the peaches.  It's been years since we've had them last this long!

 I made a long bar version of my dear neighbour's choc-marble cake.

In my kitchen, I look at our back wall and admire the painting that has given us so much joy over the years.  It's been an absolute favourite with my Hubby and youngest daughter Nicole, who is still on her travels in Europe.  Whenever I find myself missing her, I glance up at the painting and she feels close again.  I'm sure Nicole will be saddened to learn the artist David Boyd, died last week.

I wish I could share the whole painting with you.

The "In My Kitchen" concept belongs to Celia.  Pop over for a look at her wonderful blog. 


  1. Mariana, what a beautiful post! Thanks for playing - I especially love the cow mug and creamer! Are they from Robert Gordon Designs?

  2. They most certainly are Robert Gordon designs Celia. Well spotted. I also have the cow motif pie dish with a ripple edge. Glad you like the 'cow' collection. Cheers Mariana.

  3. I love all the things you shared from your kitchen.
    And I understand about the painting- I have a few that are quite intwined with my family and the love that we share!
    I agree with Celia about the cow mug and creamer- great stuff!

  4. So pleased you dropped by heidiannie. Fascinating to hear your view about paintings and connection with the family. Sounds like you can relate. My Hubby is the "artist" in the family and I have learned to appreciate art over the years because of his interest. He is the youngest of the three kids in his family and my daughter Nicole is the youngest of our three kids. She's our 'artist'. Wonder if there's something in that. Cheers Mariana.

  5. I would like to see those bats, do they hang upside down and eat the bananas? I have only ever seen bananas growing in the glass houses at Kew Gardens and on Tenerife, they seem so exotic to us here as do so many of the Australian plants and fruits. I love visiting your kitchen - there is always something new to see and admire :) xx

  6. I don't really see them Joanna, as it's always night-time when they come. They don't seem to like green bananas; so far they're safe. But I'll have to cut down the bunch and allow them to ripen covered before too long. When we used netting on our stone fruit, we'd invariably get a bat caught. It was awful. Hubby had to knock it on the head first before attempting to remove it from the knotted mess. Oh; awful times. We've stopped using the net for a number of years now. Just too hard. Mariana xx

  7. Wow love the cow mug n creamer Mariana...and the rustic trays and jams..okay.. all of them! :P

    im always sad to hear of such talented people dying... they bring such joy and inspiration into our its sad when they leave...but thats life i suppose.

    take care n hugs

  8. I have four sets of the cow mug and creamer Zurin. I may have to take a couple of them to our new house. We will after all have cows on the place, so it certainly will be suitable. Hehe. Not sure if you know about him Zurin, - David Boyd belonged to THE Boyd family. His brother was Arthur, who died a few years back, and they are recognised as one of Australia's most artistic families. He lived well into his eighties and was working right up until recently. I only hope I see the final light still managing to do what I love. Hugs back atcha dear. Mariana xxx

  9. Oh my goodness! Those bananas and peaches look amazing! The
    "naturally grown" produce is up and running again. How exciting! :)

  10. I hate to tell you darl, but the peaches taste amazing; I mean; like real peaches. Makes you wonder about the stone fruit you get in the shops. So tasteless. Wish you were here to share with us. Ma xx