December 5, 2011

A New Path

Photo taken in Bath, England, by the wonderful photographer 'Nicole'

I need a change.  I've been doing my 'mostly' food blog for almost three years.  I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere.  I've decided things need to change.  I'm not prepared to keep on going with the current formula.  Spending time posting. Sometimes way too much time. Waiting for comments. Comments that arrive few and far in between.

My 'stats' tell me that I get a small, but decent number of page views.  Not really sure what I'm expecting, but it doesn't feel rewarding.  I think other bloggers will agree when I say that it's 'comments' that make it worthwhile, that make you feel heard, validated and appreciated.   Comments keep you motivated and driven to keep posting.  Whatever it is that I'm doing, I'm not doing it right.

Next week I turn 52 and I feel like I've been in a three year rut to be honest.  The year I turned 49 was a turnaround year for me.  Good and bad things happened.  The bad things have kept me stagnant and the good things have kept me comfortable, safe and unadventurous.  I need to find 'adventure'.  I've been seeking it in the wrong places and my blog for one, hasn't brought me the satisfaction that I thought it would.  So. What am I to do.

For starters, I'm removing the 'comments'.  If I do that, then I won't expect anything and I can't be disappointed.  I'm also reducing the number of food posts.  I was a volunteer telephone counsellor with "Lifeline" for a good number of years and I know and understand the benefits from writing about one's thoughts and feelings.  This blog will now include journalling of my thoughts and feelings, mostly directed towards my kids, but also to me.  It's amazing the clarity that one can achieve through talking or writing.  I'm feeling better already.

Thanks if you've been one of my rare visitors.

Okay kids.  This is for you.  I'm your Mama, your Ma, your Mammoolie.  I'm so proud of you all that I could burst with pride.  This place is for you, about you and about me too.  Hope this fresh new outlook at Through My Kitchen Window brings me greater joy as I'm tired of blogging for the sake of it.  I want to blog for the meaning and you guys are my meaning.

Good bye to the old Through My Kitchen Window.  Tomorrow is a new day.

You have a wonderful eye Nicole!

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