December 5, 2011


For today at least, I'm really glad you don't read my blog Mitch.  You'd die.  I often wonder where on earth  my caring, unassuming, quietly confident, level headed and amazingly bright boy came from.  They all say you're like my Dad.  In so many ways you are; in other ways, you absolutely are not.  You are you.  I feel positive when I say you are a rare being.  You know what I mean.  And so do your sisters who I feel positive would wholeheartedly agree.  As would Philomena.  Romano. Smiljana. And the relatives in Montenegro, all of whom love and respect you.  They tell me their hearts ache to see you again.

I wonder how your first day is going.  You could have taken the easy road.  Dad's engineering company can always use clever people.  Did I tell you how amazed I was to hear you traipse the streets of Brisbane.  Knocking on doors.  Searching and asking who might take you on for your final work experience.  A place prepared to be the focus of your last uni project.  You could of consulted the uni to do the searching for you.  Knowing you, I guess you didn't want to settle for any place.  Certain things interest you, certain things don't.  You've figured out early my son, aim high, you just might find it.  I don't know who you are Terry, but thanks.  You won't regret your decision.

And your proud, proud mother cannot contain herself.  It's beyond me. How did you not jump up and down when you received your final results.  What a year!  Come on!  Fireworks - something - anything!  All those Distinctions and High Distinctions. Mechanical Engineering!  And to be shortlisted on the Dean's very own Achiever's Of Academic Excellence!  Are  you kidding me!!!!   But no.  You read, you smile, you sigh with relief.  And then you ask me what's to eat Ma?

Treat him well please Terry.  I hear your company has never had uni students before.  I hear my son is your first guinea pig.   I hear if all goes well, you will begin a program for other students to follow.  Why has this  happened?  Because you my dear boy, turned your back on the easy option, followed your heart and knocked on doors. You inspire me every day Mitchell and you don't even realise it.  I can't wait to hear how your first day went.  I wonder what you'd like for dinner tonight?

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