December 8, 2011

Our Very Own Hidden Treasure

Honestly Nicole.  How can you not become successful with wonderful work like this?  I know you loved the place.  And in your photos it shows.  I look at them often.  I smile.   I remember this world.  This world I took you to discover.  And discover you did.  The afternoons you disappeared; with your camera in tow and your fantastic 'eye'.  How well you captured the essence of the place.  How you fell in love with the place.  How you never saw anything like it.   The words you used to describe it.  Magical, a fantasy world, "sound of music", "lord of the rings", breathtaking.  Now, you understand why your brother went on so much about the place only two years earlier.  Why he wants to buy property there.  While the untouched primitiveness remains.  And to think you belong here.  You have blood that came from here.  How special we feel.  To think the world doesn't know about it.  For us it's a good thing.  If the world did know about it, the world would invade.  The beauty and the primitiveness would be lost.  Let's hope it stays undiscovered and this place will always be open for us to stay, to visit, to belong.   I'm so glad you loved Montenegro.

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