December 14, 2011

A Crafty Christmas

At our final craft club meeting, we had a lunch gathering and a secret santa exchange of gifts.  Our gift was supposed to be "crafty" in a small way, in other words, we're supposed to make something.  I already had some preserves in the cupboard, but I was very pleased with the fabric bon bons I made.  Very pretty.  I filled one with nice choccies and was rather chuffed with the outcome.  The ladies were getting so used to all my cooking stories, I think they'd forgotten I could sew!  They were pleased and so was I.

Doesn't a fabric bon bon make a nice change?    It feels so personal.   I'm happy.

I couldn't resist adding two of my latest preserves; jaboticaba jelly and roasted capsicum sauce.

I think I met the criteria for putting together a small, crafty christmas gift.  See you next year ladies!

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