January 27, 2012

It's Raining Ducks

My boy came home from his grandparents place with an incubator.  Our beautiful neighbours Romano and Philomena had some duck eggs.  Romano felt the duck had sat for far too long and the eggs were "past it".  He was about to turf them. Mitch asked for the eggs and away he went.  Setting up the incubator, monitoring the temperature to the exact 10th degree - my goodness I thought he was a fusspot. Nevertheless, he persevered till he felt the temp was correct and away went his little experiment.  I really never expected anything to eventuate.

Monitoring day in day out for five days; a crack.  The air was filled with excitement as he kept checking the progress of the cheeping sounds coming from within the egg.  Nicole and I were given our "orders" in case the duckling hatched whilst he was at work.  Sure enough, he was at work.  Nicole shone the torch religiously to see the hatching in action. A limb tore through the shell. She called me. I came running. The limb had gone back in.  Sure enough, the little blighter was on it's way.

By the time Mitch came home, he was a mother, perhaps I mean father, well maybe nurturer would be best; after all he nurtured this cheeping little creature to life. After a long chat on her facebook with over 30 replies, Nicole considered all the suggestions for a name.  Fran it would be.

Nicole and one day old "Fran"

Fran was adored for a whole day and a half.  She chirped  incessantly until two days later she was joined by another two siblings.  Three ducklings quickly turned into nine.  There were no more names after Fran - I think the novelty wore off quickly. The newspaper changes, the replacing of water, the topping up of food and the "ducky" smell was taking it's toll.  Mitch took them down to Philomena and Romano's.  They were adopted immediately by another mother duck.  It was amazing apparently - I didn't see it.  She took to them like a "duck to water".  Happy ending.

Huddled and Sleeping

Mitch has had a 100% success rate so far.  There are still some eggs left to hatch, but they will be going straight from incubator to neighbour.  It's been a lucky week for duckies.

I should mention, this was Mitchell's experiment. What he really wants to have a 'crack' at are chickens.  The eggs have been ordered and they're on the way.   With Mitch at the helm, his "chicks" will be metaphorically speaking, very lucky duckies.


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  1. Lucky ducks indeed! That's a wonderful experiment. I've got a lot of happy memories of watching and waiting for chickens to hatch when I was a kid. I'm amazed that the other duck immediately adopted all those little ducklings... what a kind mother.

  2. Very lucky ducks Brydie. Hmmm. Turns out my boy has a dream of owning a huge fully fenced property with lots of chickens roaming freely and happily laying eggs for him to sell. Throw in a Maremma to protect them from foxes and you have a "happily ever after" scenario.