February 13, 2012

Ongoing "Duckssess"

Duck no 12

Darling Issy came up from Melbourne recently.  She was utterly intrigued with "Mother" Mitchell's success in hatching 13 little duckies. All  healthy, all under the loving care and welfare now of a real "mother duck" at Philomena and Romano's place.  It's been duck action for the last three weeks and as much as they were cute and fluffy and entertaining, I'm glad to see the back of them.

All fun and cuddles till it pooped on Issy's neck.

Now we've had the duck experiment which that was extremely successful, and big round of applause for Mitch. He did extremely well.  The question now is, how will he go with the chicks.  He has two fertile eggs in the incubator.  Oooh, look what I can see peeking out from inside the incubator.

It's a big wide world out there - how do I get out of here!

Yep. Mitch. You did it again. What a terrific effort. There is one thing that sets this little chicky aside from the newborn ducks.  One hell of a cheeping noise.  My goodness - this little chick nearly drove me nuts.  Cheep, cheep, cheep.  All afternoon long.  Couldn't wait for Mitch to take this little fellow down to Philomena's.  He was a particularly noisy fellow; we've had chicks before and I couldn't believe how loudly he chirped.

He cheeped so loudly that he attracted our chickens to come and take a look.  See!  I wasn't kidding.  Cute, but oh what a pain in the ears!  Not even a day old and this little blighter is as lively as can be. Great. Terrific. Ongoing success. Happy for you Mitch. Can he go now?  Please..........


  1. Hahahahha! Well, I did ask Mitch to send me a photo of his little chicky. Considering the fact that he never did, I'm very pleased to see some up here mother! So on that note, thank you.
    I absolutely adore the one of the incubator, I didn't even see the chicken until you pointed it out. I laughed rather loudly at the little thing. How gorgeous, I'm sure Mitch is a very proud mother. :P
    Nik, X.

    1. I know - the yellow ball of fluff looks funny there in the corner of the incubator - I laughed too! Except for the cheeping which really did drive me somewhat nuts. Hope you're enjoying your Melbourne holiday dear daughter.