January 3, 2012

Utopia Exists

I have two extraordinarily talented daughters.  Today, I focus on my youngest daughter Nicole.  She spent most of yesterday engrossed; sketching, colouring and creating her latest work.  I've asked her for a print.  As a little girl, she loved the Disney movies: "Fox and the Hound", "Pocahontas", "Beauty and The Beast", too many to mention.  But her all time favourite story was "Bambi".  It stays with her to this very day.  In this crazy modern world, I feel heartened that there remains an innocence and a hope for "happy endings", somewhere in Nicole's beliefs.  It comes through in her art.  Take a moment to observe and enjoy her latest work.  She used no illustration or picture as a guide.

One of her earlier sketches - 2008

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