March 21, 2012

Don't Mince With Me

I'm so tired of mince. We have tons of it. All beautiful, local, grass-fed valley beef. The freezer is packed with many cuts, but it's what to do with the mince that drives me nuts.  Sausage rolls, bolognese sauce, meatballs, savoury mince, meat pie, stuffed capsicums and an awful attempt at a meatloaf which almost turned me into loathing the stuff!

I realise I should be counting my blessings to have a freezer full of this beef. Sometimes it just gets on top of me; I open the door and I see literally hundreds of bags -  it can be truly daunting. So what did I do yesterday when it all became too daunting? I shut the freezer door, went to the shops and bought a chook.  Roast chicken last night and it was delicious.

Tonight, it's back to the grind and another bag of mince. All my creativity and imagination is out the door. Pass the tomato sauce guys and make room for the meatballs.

Any ideas? I'm listening.

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