May 18, 2012

Having A Photo Go.

The Mudgeeraba Show is coming up on June the 23 and 24th this year. I don't have much in the way of preserves and I'm really not in the mood to kill myself cooking this year.  I have a couple of jelly preserves in the cupboard so I won't go without entering anything; however my motivation is low and I don't think I'll have the stamina to defend my grand win last year; that is; the Grand Champion Show Cook. What an honour, but boy this title doesn't come along without a good deal of work.

In this post, I'm not concentrating on food or cooking. I finally uploaded some pics taken on my European trip last year. Can you believe it? Only just now. I willingly lost myself pouring through the photos and escaped into the wonderland that is Montenegro . These pictures brought back so many memories; although I have hundreds upon hundreds.  I said to Nicka, "I want to enter some pics in the show this year". If Nicka enters I won't have a hope of winning, but hey that won't stop me. I'll enjoy the spirit of having a go, and hopefully someone will stop and admire my pictures. I need landscapes and portraits.  

I need your help. Please leave a comment and tell me which picture you like the best. I would like your opinion and please; only one picture stating the capital letter in the caption.  I'm having trouble selecting, so I'd really appreciate your help.  Thanks people from Mariana.

A - typical Montenegrin haystacks dotting the countryside.
 B - the first road nearest my Dad's home in Potrk.

C - same road

D - the countryside - I recall Nicka saying 'who needs Numinbah with hills like these'. She's right.

E - Lake Plav this side of Montenegro and the Albanian border crossing at the closest mountain

F - a soft pink sunset by the seaside in Tivat, Montenegro, my uncle lives here

Ps: take a look at what I'm up against in some of my daughter's work posted last year in Magical Montenegro. Now that's amazing photography! Oh well, I'm still havin' a go.

Extra Extra:
Note the two added photos below. Printed them off on the weekend and they both turned out so well. Much nicer than any of the above; although I was happy with "B". The water landscapes turned out quite awful actually - very pasty and washed out looking. Funny isn't it how you just can't tell till you get it in print.

G -The pic I enlarged that turned out surprisingly well in print. 

H - Stojanka in mourning over the loss of her beloved Vukica.


  1. Hi Mariana,
    Sounds like you are really busy. Good Luck. I love all your photos, really love F but I feel that the true representation of the Montenegran countryside to me is D. Such a great representation of all the hills. The hay stacks. I can imagine the rivers running at the base of the mountains. Stunning. Love Ellen xxxx

    1. Hi my fellow Montenegrin friend; you are spot on with the countryside representation in D. It was only 4kms down the road from Dad's family home. Nick and I went for a walk armed with our cameras this late afternoon. Looming dark clouds formed with streaks of sunlight peering through making for beautiful photography. I ain't no photograher, but even I could get a couple of lovely pictures with such magnificent subject material. Larissa took herself off in the opposite direction to us and she had her own experience. I'm so glad the girls haven't forgotten the hills. They still talk about it.

      I see you liked the pic from Tivat. I had to laugh as I recall making you and Mary laugh your heads off when I told you about my uncle Ljubo and his antics. He's the one who lives in Tivat. You must have sensed it. Thanks Ellen xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Marts. My picks are A, B and D but if I had to choose, my favourite is B. The colour of the grass is striking. I am thrilled you're going to enter! I'd like to come up for the show so I'll look into it. x


  3. Hi darl. I'm partial to B. I love the symbolism of a road leading to somewhere and you're right about the grass. However, I think I put up the lighter image. I took a couple and this photo is less vibrant than the other one. Must go back and check. Nick and I went to Domayne to enlarge a some of the photos because there was 50% off enlargements, so had to have a go at those discounts.

    We got two A3's one of which was B. It turned out beautiful, but I don't even have the image of the other photo posted. Silly me. Will go and recify once I've finished this comment so you can see it. Nicole chose this particular photo of the countryside that I had completely overlooked. It has a real depth of layers with foreground, mid and back - see, I'm learning from my experienced daughter! Also printed off a portrait of Stojanka. I'm shocked. It turned out the best. The lady in store raced off to show the inhouse photographer my pic. I was very flattered. I think I will have to enter Stojanka in the portraits. I recall watching her while she spoke of her daughter who passed away just the year before. She had my permission to take photos - I wasn't that callous to just click her without asking her if it was okay. She had a face filled with history and I remember Nick saying at the time she had an interesting face and beautiful eyes - I didn't capture her eyes though. Funny how the things you expect the least can turn out the best. Yep. Come up. That'd be great. Mum xxxxx

    1. Wow. Now that I've seen G, I'm wondering whether B is my favourite anymore. Hehe. Definitely enter G and H as well. Both look remarkable.
      Maybe you can dot some of those pictures around the house because they are so good. How touching that the lady wanted to show the inhouse photographer. I guess you don't come across faces like Stojanka's too often. She is such a kind soul.

      I mentioned to Kyle that I was keen to come up for it and now he wants to come too so we'll see how things pans out and talk more about it when you come down.
      Maybe he'd be interested in entering the baking section! Aha!

    2. Well whatever you do daughter, don't tell him I was the Champion Show cook last year. It might frighten him away and I'd love for him to have a go. He will see some of my secrets, but hey, I won't live forever and someone needs to see them. Tell him I'd be more than happy to assist.

      Oh and thanks regarding the last two shots. They are the best on print, so I will enter those, but may still go ahead with B. Stojanka is like one of our last connections to the generation that lived through WW2 till now. She has seen so much, but losing two of her daughters recently within the spate of two years has taken it's toll. She wants to die. I wonder if you can sense her grief through the photo. Dear Stojanka.

    3. D and F for me Mariana. D because I like the rolling dark clouds having very little effect on the bright landscape below. F because I love the sunset and human silhouettes evenly spaced and each in retrospective and laboured poses. Looks like the end of a full day. Possibly like F more now because I can imagine it has a story preceding it.

      All this Melbourne weather makes for a good reason to visit. Riss and I need to defrost from all the days of rain and chilly winds. All this baking talk just seals the deal! See you in Melbourne soon!

      Regards, Kyle

    4. Hi Kyle. I enjoyed reading your ponderous reply. I must say the afternoon Nick and I went walking on the road was absolutely breathtaking. The rolling dark clouds were so foreboding, a brewing storm on the horizon and yet patches of sun managed to filter through. The smell of the air was changing and it seemed so surreal. I can honestly say that D is not edited. Can you believe it? All real and true colours as captured in that moment. You're right about the days end with F. It tells a story which makes it interesting for me too. Oh, aren't you a sweetie. Yes look forward to seeing you both as well. Till then, take care and keep each other warm in the chilly Melbourne season. Cheers Mariana

  4. H wins it hands down for me! Love you work.

  5. D & G! :D
    Nicka. X

    1. Gee for a minute then I thought you were sending a message from Dolce and Gabbana!
      Thanks Gertie! Ma xxxxx

    2. I love G and H the best. B and D not far behind but I think G is better in colour range and perspective depth. Who couldn't be drawn to the wonderful emotive face of Stojanka and feel there is a story there. Good luck, I love your website!

    3. Thanks for taking the time to drop in and leave your comment Annee. Most Montenegrin faces are 'emotive' and very animated. You always know where you stand and their reactions can be very confronting and 'in your face'. I for one appreciate and love their honesty.