June 30, 2012

Home Cook of the Year Competition

Vote for this recipe here: Cream filled Meringue with Citrus

It's been a very long time since I entered a competition in a foodie magazine. For some reason, the Home Cook of the Year comp in Australian Good Taste drew my attention. I made a recipe from the June edition, posted it on their website and it looks like I've entered. The top twenty recipes to receive the greatest number of votes will be invited to send in a recipe for the judges to determine the final six to participate in the cook-off later this year in Sydney. So. The catch appears to be the number of votes and I usually steer well clear of this kind of competition. I don't ask my friends and relatives to vote for me - it just doesn't feel right and I hate it.

Vote for this recipe here: Sunshine Tart

You on the other hand are different. I figure if you're reading this post, then most probably food has brought you here. So. I'd love to ask you to go to taste.com.au - log in or join and vote for me. Please. Another catch. You need to be a member of Taste to be able to vote. If not, you can easily sign up to become a member. Or not. No harm in asking. I'm having a go and the silly thing is it seems the entrant needs to enhance their chances by 'telling everyone'. So here I am telling you. It feels rather silly actually, but since I've taken the time to enter the recipes (without reading the rules first) - I guess I need to play the game.

Vote for this recipe here: Crepes with Poached Orange in Syrup.

I certainly enjoyed inventing and coming up with ways to use our terrific supply of citrus fruit this season.

Vote for this recipe here: Sauteed Zucchini

There is another month to go to upload and keep entering more recipes. I have my eye on at least another two. Drop back in at a later time to see if I've posted any more. If you're in a position to vote, I'd really appreciate you taking the time to do so.  Thanks.  And wish me good luck.


  1. I joined and voted! It took less than a minute to sign up.
    They look delicious. All the best!

  2. Thanks Mslaris - appreciate it. If I have any success at all, I'll be sure to share the winnings with you - hehe.