July 3, 2012

Testing, testing.

It's a cold winter's day. Mitch chopped the still moist wood from last weeks rain. It's struggling to blaze away in the fireplace, but its better than nothing. I purchased  a lovely cast iron dish from Aldi a few days ago. At least it looked lovely. I figured better give it a test and what better day than on this cold day. There were seven bright crisp capsicums taking up fridge space for a while now, so the dish is decided. Stuffed capsicums. 

I didn't have zucchinis; so its been replaced with broccoli stalks. They're green, loaded with nutrient and hold their shape much better than zucchini during the long cooking time.  I also replaced the canned tomatoes with Heinz condensed tomato soup. I'm in competition mode and this comp required a recipe using their tomato soup. 

The result? Mitch hates me making changes, he is so unadventurous and he was worried about how it would taste. I think after the dreaded taste test, it went something like this; "gee Ma, looks like this is a keeper". So there my boy, nothing ventured nothing gained.  Not sure that I'll continue to use the tomato soup; I found it very flavoursome and rich but I rather like the 'lighter' tomato version.

I don't work for Aldi, so when I say the dish was a fantastic buy, I say it from a customer's perspective. What amazed me the most was the price - $24.95! I nearly had a hernia carrying it through the carpark it was that damn heavy. How on earth do they make it for that price?  It was fantastic to cook in and Hubby insisted he wanted one for the outback farm. I bought him the red one - and parked the car much closer to the entrance!

Recipe for Stuffed Capsicums

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