November 1, 2012

Banging Out The Bunting

Yesterday the day almost passed yet again and I still hadn't started the bunting exercise I'd told myself I would make this week!  With Hubby at Gundy and Nicka out to dinner I was home alone. Oooh goody - I'm free to do whatever I want - says me - smacking and rubbing my hands together wondering what shall I get up to!

My shoulders slump as I view the fabric and the bias binding on the table. Grrrr. The exercise has become a chore and I'm avoiding it.  My eyes stray to the pantry, a late luxurious cup of strong coffee with dark chocolate joins me as I sit to play some poker on facebook - gosh it's been a while. Wow - I have over three million chips - when did that happen! Boy it has been a while.

A couple of games in and I feel restless. The old poker just doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. I get bored quickly. Off to look at vintage cups on the net. And then what happened, I'm not really sure.

 I grabbed the bunting template that I'd made a couple of days ago, spread out some of the fabric, lay down the template; began to mark out; pin; cut. Hmm. Let's sew this up. The perfectionism that I used to aim for is gone. Thank goodness. It's too hard being a perfectionist.

I easily glide the fabric along the overlocker - yep the overlocker, even though the recommended thing to do with bunting is to sew on the sewing machine. I sew eight of them in no time. Grabbed a knitting needle; pushed them inside out and used the pointy end of the needle to get as pointy an end as possible.

Set up the ironing board; ironed the pieces and wow! They look great. I might go another round.

All in all I went six rounds giving me a nice variety of pretty 'rosy-inclined' pieces. Oh well. Why wait? Take out the bias, pin the fabric into place, fold, pin again; sew in place. Iron the lot.

It was one o'clock in the morning. Jeepers that coffee did the trick. Time for bed. (So much for my 'naughty' night in getting up to mischief)!

This morning I hung the bunting along the hallway to see the result. Yep. I'm delighted. I'm thinking it will look really lovely above a beautifully decorated High Tea Table in the country or even strung in around the trees. Will have a play when I'm next out at the farm.

I see around thirty pieces on the dresser this morning still waiting to be sewn. Hmm. I might just go to the pantry first.

Just love the rose prints


  1. Hi Mariana. I did comment on this post but it seems to have been lost. I can't remember what I said. Probably, they look great. Coz they do:)

    1. Tar Glenda; now for another 18metres of the bunting and I'll be right. Hehe.

  2. Gorgeous Mariana. I think I want to make more now that I have started. Can one have too much bunting?? Actually probably...
    Have you started your extra 18 metres?

    1. Yep, I have heaps of triangles, ready to sew; just need to buckle down and sew them onto the bias. Actually, I bought some really nice vintage blues that should look really lovely. Haven't started with that fabric though.