November 2, 2012

A Splash Of Purple

Nicka and Mitchell's one surviving flower in the pool area

On my way to Philomena & Romano's this morning when the Jacaranda caught my eye.
I raced back in, took a shot and toddled down the road for some grappa and turkish coffee.

The 'real' Lavender Lady
This vibrant purple fine bone china set belonged to my father-in-law's mother. At a guess, it'd have to be fifty years old at the least. Nicka always liked this one; I was never a fan myself, but it's growing on me. I do like the colour purple.


  1. Hi Marianna. Jacaranda are my favourite tree. Perth is absolutely gorgeous about now. It is all lit up with them. Jacarandas were been planted extensively as street trees and they are in the back yard of many older houses. I love looking up and seeing all the purple. I love it so much we planted one. It is really a pain in the arse with its dropping leaves and flowers and roots but I love contributing to the display. Our tree is about 25 years old so it is very tall and really part of the party.

  2. Oh poor jacaranda being a pain in the a.... I know, but that is their character and I put up with it. In my front yard the paper bark gums and the lemon scented gum trees are a total pain in the a.... they really make a mess those blessed trees. By the way we planted our jacaranda in 1989, so that makes ours 24 years. I do like them very much, but they're not my favourite tree. Being a queenslander I'm very partial to the lilly pilly tree and the poinciana are beautiful.