October 12, 2012


And so begins my series and newfound passion for collecting vintage cups.  I've decided to begin showcasing with the lovely pink rose Royal Doulton cup, saucer and plate named "June".

I should add that this collection is not merely for love, although I do love the sets to bits. I have a vision. It involves tables covered with long flowing white fabric, fresh flowers, fine food, the outdoors, panoramic views, fresh mountain air and people well dressed and surrounded by cows. A High Tea, literally up high.  The cause? To be revealed at a later date. For the time being, enjoy this beautiful display of fine china cups which for me must be "Made In England."


  1. Mariana you're killing me here. Are you going to do it? Are you jumping in???
    Did you see this post I did awhile ago?
    it might be of interest if you didn't. It has since closed down though.

  2. Yes Brydie, yes. It is going to be quite a logistical exercise to transport everything up to the highest point; we have no power; no nothing. However we will be on the edge of koala habitat and my friends and I are wanting to do a fundraiser to help support the local animal hospital which has never before seen so many injured and diseased koalas needing attention this year. Its truly alarming actually and our Aussie icon is in serious danger of disappearing.

    Our meeting isn't till November when we will discuss the fundraisers we plan to work on to help the hospital. Everyone so far loves the idea of A High Tea in the Hills, but it's a long way off happening. In the meantime I'm loving having some practice high teas in the valley. We had one last week and it was just beautiful - this one was down by the river flat though - not the hill.

    And of course I'm having fun doing the vintage hunting. Loving it. Getting quite a collection but I need heaps more. I checked out your post and oh this place looks divine. Love the tiered plates overflowing with food and the cups are gorgeous. What a shame it's closed down. Hope my reply goes some way to answering you - after all Brydie - I'd hate to kill you!!